Best pineapple and cherry?

So i’ve been on a long quest for the best pineapple, cherry and blueberry since i began mixing. At this point i’ve tried 4 different pineapples ( fw natural, tpa, cap, jungle). I found jungle to be the best so far but sadly its now only avil driect from the manufacturer. Also i’ve tried 3 different cherries (tpa blackcherry, inw cherry, fa cherry). Both fa and inw cherry taste great, inw is a little better. Sadly they’re both very weak using almost 10% in mixs and still seems lacking. Blueberry i’ve just gave up on the perfect flavor lol. Any advice would be appreciated.

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All I can say is that I’m envious that you like cherry FA. It just doesn’t taste right. That being said, the only recipie I like that uses cherry is called something like Hawaiian bread from @Amy2. The recpie is well balanced and my usage of cherry FA gives just the right amount of cherry bites. I also combo pinnaple FA with pinnaple sweet cap.

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Ya i get what your saying about fa cherry it’s def lacking. Thanks for the heads up on the recipe. I rarely use others mixes but I’ll def give it a look. Think my next 2 attempts will be with fw cherry crush and hangsen pineapple.

Golden pineapple CAP!

Check my strawberry breeze:

Thanks but i tried it already. I’m super picky on flavors got 3+ of kind for alot of flavors. And thanks for the recipe!

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My favorite Pineapple is from INW, not the Shisha version though, that one just tastes off to me. I have tried most of the pineapples from Cap, TFA and Hangsen but the INW is what I always reach for. Just a note, the Hangsen and INW Shisha Pineapple taste like the same thing, like one makes it for both, weird how they are both so similar and neither one is to my liking.


Thanks for the tip! It helps a lot. Can you elaborate on the weirdness if the shisha pineapple?

The Shisha is more the rind in the center flavor, the Ananas version is more like the sweet outer layer. I forgot the FW Natural Pineapple is also pretty good, I have heard there regular pineapple is not though.

I just got home and gave them both a sniff, the shisha doesn’t smell good to me, the Hangsen actually smells more like eating a fresh slice carved from a fresh pineapple. The INW Ananas (pineapple) is more like a pineapple juice or the sweet pineapple you get from a can and the FW is close to the same. I really didn’t like the testers I made of the Shisha or hangsen, the hangsen may be more authentic but it just doesn’t pop in a mix like the Ananas and FW pineapples do.


Yup fw natural pineapple is my 2nd fav so far. Thanks again for the info I’ll def go for inw pineapple next time.

On the Cherry I have struck out, most taste like cough syrup or Maraschino Cherry which is not what I am after, pretty much gave up on that, not a flavor I would use a lot anyway.

Blueberry is a real tough one, I would say FW is my favorite but it is still missing the mark for me. INW BB wasn’t so hot and I did get a few more blueberries but haven’t tried them yet. I like the smell of FW Blueberry cotton candy and TFA blueberry candy, they both smell true to there name, I am thinking a blueberry blow pop flavor when I smell them would work out.

Are there any blow pop flavors? I remember Yeti Vape have a blow pop series of juices and I got a sample once and it was real good.

I’ve tried alot of blueberries also. My vote for #1 is diyfs expert blueberry (but its expensive). 2nd place goes to fa bilberry.


I’m about to try this combination in my quest for a nice blueberry:

1% Bilberry (FA)
3.25% Blueberry (FW)
4.75% Blueberry (TPA)


My top three blueberry are FA Bilberry, FW blueberry and TFA Blueberry Candy.

Here are my notes from someone on pineapple.

  • INW Pineapple - Fresh, tangy, sweet, juicy, natural

  • CAP Golden Pineapple - Canned pineapple tidbits

  • TFA Pineapple - Strong, acidic-tasting, candy-like flavor

  • FA Pineapple - One of the worst flavors I have ever tried.


In a quest for strong cherry or blueberry flavor, sometimes it helps to add tpa Sour. And of course up the sweetener to offset the sour-ness. If you don’t mind adding a candy-like taste, you can add TPA Rainbow Drops. I also find that many of the cerial (never can spell that right LOL)…helps increase flavor. FLAVOR FLAVOR FLAVOR - Give me more!
Almond does it in some cases and Ethyl Maltol ONLY if you aren’t going to store it since it causes flavor to decrease in time. Oh and don’t forget saline to add flavor. It works. I keep a mix up of 'Flavor Enhancer". I haven’t perfected a mix of it. I usually add some Vape Wizard, Sour, Saline and Stevia. You could add some Moonshine that contains sugar in it when your coil is old anyway. That makes for a fantastic vape day. One drop in your tank will do it. But the sugars will gunk up your coil. I don’t care. Wire is cheep, and I love to build coils anyway. Now I’ve got 8 Aromamizers and about 12 total decks, so I keep spares. I also use silica wick most of the time.
Cherry FA is so weak, but it’s flavor is ok. IWA Cherries isn’t right either. Neither is Medicine Flower. Seems like I get it too strong and it’s not so good. Think about it… What does a cherry taste like anyway? Maybe we can find a good plum. Oh and the Grape and White Grape FA are both awful. I expect better than that from FA. Capella fruits are Always pretty good and a sure bet. IWA is good if you steep it and maybe even better or more real than other brands, sometimes possibly odd.
I enjoy adding Cantelope FA to a peach custard mix with some Cake Batter TPA and Custard TPA in it. My 'peach custard mix and apple mixes are different every day. Lately, I’m vaping a lot of Apple TPA with Maple and Donut and Cake batter added. I have both TPA and Cap Cake Batter. Add some Caramel FA or MF now and then.


Believe it or not, the best Cherry I have found is Watkins. My ADV is Cherry Vanilla, very simple too.