Best place to buy flavor extracts?

I’ve been going to for a long time now because I started out with tpa but there are certain other flavors I’d like to try out but I can’t find them anywhere or they aren’t large enough quantities. I’m looking to buy a minimal 500ml/16oz but preferably 32oz, and I have yet to find another website that sells in those amounts or has other flavors besides TPA.

Anyone have any knowledge of good places to buy from? (Reasonable prices preferred!!)



I use nic river and liquid barn mainly

Trying out real flavors now waiting on more samples to go on sale . Hopefully next time I catch the sale at start instead of the end…

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I used Nicotine River a few times when PerfectVape was out of stock but their prices are around $8/$10 higher for 16oz bottles than PerfectVape just so you know! I’ve never tried liquid barn I’m going to check them out now!!

Much appreciated!

Are buying wholesale? Almost all of the sellers have what you are looking for. The resource page here on ELR has a list of several.


I’m sure since you compared you know Nicotine River doesn’t list a 16oz price in Flavor Apprentice in retail accounts. I haven’t set up wholesale accounts at either place but in equal size comparisons NR is much cheaper and has a much better selection of not only Flavor Apprentice but very many other brands.That aside if your interested in quantity’s that large why don’t you cut out the middle man and go to the manufactures?

Direct from OOO they sell in sizes of 16, 32 and 128 ounce or 55 gallons.

Get 25% off using the code: eliquidrecipes-25

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I like Bull City Flavors. They have fair prices on flavors and shipping.

Title says best place. That is always the manufacturer when possible. My .02 cents!

While I agree if you are buying in bulk but quite often on the smaller amounts direct from the manufacturer can actually be more a expensive way to go - it is rare that a manufacturer will undercut the vendors on the small bottles.

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This is true but I am much more comfortable knowing they are not being double handled, or found hiding on the floor behind a box after 2 yrs. It’s not all about money!

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Yea it’s not alll about money. But when you think about it.

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Good timing as I’m listening to Robin Trower singing " Takers get the honey, givers sing the blues"
And earier today it was Montrose Paper Money lol

I like Nic River and have used Ecigx and also gone direct to Flavorah…

Here is a good link with a breakout of general pricing differences from the main vendors. Nic River is a good value. Also be sure to use the ELR codes offered by places like Ecigx or Flavorah… Nic River runs the occasional sale but has no code. They ship free with a $50 order… and like many sites, get your order correct before you hit BUY for there are no changes once it’s placed.

I Must say I’m impressed with @River_Supply_Co and the way they handled a minor problem with my last order…

One bottle had a defective cap. Nic river offered to mail a replacement.
I thought they mailed it out on Monday, when I checked back on it I was told it would arrive Thursday. Was cool… few days later I checked my email. And found out nic river actually overnighted 1 bottle on wensday so I would get it Thursday, i was like holly @$&#. Very much impressed by their customer service…


+1 for

I had some questions about their smooth nic salts and they were more than eager to take time to answer my questions. as i have seen their prices are more than competitive and the free shipping for orders over $50. From what i can tell they have an extremely complete selection.

as reference i have bought from the flavor apprentice, bull city flavors and one other that i cant even remember once i found cheaper places to get supplies.

I just figured out that the same flavors I’ve purchased from Ecigexpress and Bull City are stronger than Nicotine River maybe less diluted affecting recipes