Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)

Hi Guys!

Been using this site for about 2 months now and so far so good.

I was just wondering where everyone (in the uk) buys their ingredients from? I used make my vape but I was just trying to get a feeler for whether it would be worth buying from another source as my juices seem to all be quite harsh and generic tasting even if I use strawberry or butterscotch etc,.

Any help would be appreciated!



I’m in same boat, I use Make my Vape and so far not really had a good liquid, now I don’t think its the consentrates as they are all the well known makes FW TPA etc so I can only presume its the VG or the PG or Nicotene or just the way we mix.
It would be nice to hear from anyone who has had success using their brand


Hi fellow Britons!

I started out using make my vape, quality is awesome but prices are quite high, you are getting liquids from an ISO lab though so price is justified.

Now I use: for flavours
Darkstar for Nic
Theecigshop for pg and vg

Hope that helps :wink:

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Thanks for Info

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@Cap_nClouds @gollum2016 feel free to post any recipes here that you want us to take a look at, I’ve made most of the top rated ones here and some other more obscure ones

Hey people, for VG and PG try Lubrisolve, I’ve been using it forever, great prices, Like @Grubby quite rightly said, Darkstar are the general go to for Nic in the Uk .
for flavourings I use Rainbowvapes, Chefs flavours, Vapable.



These are a couple that I’ve tried making. Al Capone’s actually is ok but I can’t get the butterscotch to come through on the other :confused:

Same as @Grubby and @Pugs1970! Just started using the Lubrisolve vg and it’s grand! if I can’t find the particular FA flavour on the other sites :+1:

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I guarantee you that steep time on that will be at least a month, don’t give up on it, leave it locked away in the dark for a while and go back to it later :thumbsup:

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My PG / VG are from

my flavours are from: for most flavours (they have a lot of excellent specials, free shipping over £10, free 10ml concentrate over a certain spend - and they are on the whole the cheapest I have found anywhere in UK) or for FA for flavorah and for some pretty good specials


Try mixing just the flavours without the custard and Bavarian cream at the weight / ml’s for a 10ml batch.

Tone down your butterscotch to 5% raise as necessary

Tongue taste it, give us your feedback.

Check out the resource page too for some discount codes.


tongue taste?

Bollocks, there are two discounts there that I could have used yesterday !!!


Just pop a little drop of the liquid on your tongue and see what taste you get - then you’ll know whether you think it needs any adjusting. And like @Pugs1970 said…steep and steep again - [quote=“Pugs1970, post:10, topic:88576”]
don’t give up on it


25% off @ Chefs Flavours This Weekend Till 16th October
Nice little discount if looking to top up or try some new concentrates out

Code = notatexpo to claim your discount.

Discount does not apply to DIY or DIE, NomNomz or Vaping Home Mixers Concentrates


Nice one!!!

I’ll have to put a little order in now, wife’s gonna be :rage:


Thanks dude! Oh my bank balance hates me!!! :joy:


Hi there Cap_nClouds :wink:

I personally started with DarkStarVapors web site and I must say at this point I am happy with the products they provide, nicotine seems to be really good quality, when it comes to PG and VG it’s also good + they have a great postal services, all orders been delivered to me within 2 days from that moment when orders been made :wink:

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