Best places to buy vape wire?

currently spending 15$ CAD for 15 feet of wire. Where’s the beast deals on wire off the top of anyones head? I’ll be doing my own research too

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I like


Or if you can find it wire from Temco
search for ‘TEMCo resistance wire’ on ebay


I always buy my wire from the UK:
Not sure how that works out with shipping… but wire is cheap, what you’re paying is way overpriced.


I’ll second @woftam on Lightning Vapes. Only place I buy wire from. However, if you want large rolls of wire, Temco is a great place to order from.


I second advanced vape supplies if you’re into stainless steel. They do have a 20% off going on, or well for a while its been active not sure how long tho, code “AVS” I’m also not sure if they ship outside the US.

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Yes they do ship outside the US - the shipping rates are not as attractive as Lightning but still not terrible


thanks alot guys yes i only use SS right now in TC. I will look into all those links,
im using geekvape wire seems decent but yea way overpriced… only because I always buy at a B n M though


I get mine from DashVapes, which is located in Toronto, Ontario. Canada. You can get 50 ft for 316 SS 22 Gauge for 4.99 CAD for example.


funny haha i just got my order from dash vapes yesterdat and forgot to look at wire (facepalm)


ha ha ha, it happens, I have done that a few times.

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Well maybe together with the coupon its more attractive lol.

Dash sells both LV wire, and Vapowire which is Temco

These guy’s manufacture most of the wire we use. They don’t do discounts very often, or never, but there prices are pretty low. There is also a link that @woftam left for lightning vapes. They have some really good discounts, and when you start buying from them, they will send codes up to 20 percent off. Anywho, here is the link for Temco