Best Pre-Coiled Kanthal A1?

I have a little snap crackle… (and pop… wow I hate that pop…or more like POW!)… going on here.

I bought some pre-coiled kanthal from fasttech. They are UD brand. (The first UD batch I got was great! Cloud chucking heaven)… but this new card is full of bad wires.

OK… I’m a sissy…I can wrap but I don’t like to wrap so where “In the US” can I get some good pre-coiled wire where the ohms are running around .5 on the build?

I don’t care if they are Claptons or Single Wraps or “unidentified beautiful snake looking art work” from a pro wrapper :slight_smile: I am ready for good wire.

Have you tried to add a little vg to your juice? Some times thin or watery mixes will snap crackle and pop. Hope that helps. If you don’t have VG try a different flavor.

I believe you can use coupon code “ambitionz” for a discount

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Thank you so much for responding! I am max VG… I am pretty sure it’s this wire. The other stuff I got from UD was great.

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Thank you!

In my experience and understanding, the popping really has nothing to do with the wire. I’m afraid it’s your wicking, mate! I found that with insufficient cotton the poppin starts, or when there is too much juice flowing towards the wick - as might be the case with rather thin juice.


I also find the popping has more to do with the amount of wicking.I usually have mine a little tight and it chokes off the juice but as @Naseschwarz stated it can also be too loose.

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OK… so you think I should pack the cotton a little tighter?

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I will try anything for sure…

not too tight…you’ll get dry hits. wicking can be a delicate procedure. ya gotta get it just right.
when i came to the realization of how important wicking was, i spent a week wicking and rewicking everything constantly until i got it right. have you tried anything different than cotton? rayon, perhaps?


I have the “puffs” and… cotton bacon. It was the puffs popping. Should I try the bacon and see if its better? I like the taste of the puffs though.

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You could try packing it a bit tighter. It’s really a haptical thing, so kinda hard to explain in word. The way I do it is called the Scottish roll, I think? I pinch the cotton pad until it feels like a 3mm or 2.5mm roll, then cut if off to that width, half it, roll it between my palm applying a little pressure until it’s nice n tight, then twist one end between index finger and thumb, off through the coil (should have a little resistance, not enough to topple your mech mod but enough to make it turn to one side). Was that helpful? Hope it was :slight_smile:

If it’s a poppin, normally it’s not enough cotton. If it’s too much cotton, then you’ll get dry hits.


@Maureeenie , I would try the bacon as I think it may be easier for you to get the hang of at first but it either will work.I also use the Scottish roll method and found this video to help get you started.


If you don’t feel like rewicking immediately, back off the wattage a little bit. The snapping and popping being the juice boiling off instead of steaming.

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Its only the one with two coils. It’s showing .29 Ohms and If I dont hit it with at least 42 watts its firing like an old e-go.

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Thanks… I think I have to practice!

Great Video!

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