Best rda build for a max 40w mod

Hi ive just purchased a lost vape dna40 and was wondering what is a good build for this wattage it’s max is 40w ?

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You can get away with a .5 Coil on that mod.


Any lower or higher I’m a novice ohm law ?

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You could try reading the DNA 40 manual and it will indicate what the chip can do resistance and power wise very clearly.


Only trouble with that is I brought it at a bootsale without any authentic documents it did have some bullshit 2500mah batteries though that almost blew up in the mod

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Here’s one man’s opinion - If you simply go by how low ohms you can build then you’re probably going to be dissatisfied with plenty of builds. For example, if it can fire down as low as 0.2 ohms, you can get that using a dual set of clapton coils - big ones. But the beefier the metal, the more power that’s required to bring it to temp. So at 40w it will have a slow ramp up on a large build. Additionally, the beefier the coils the more quickly they’ll deplete your batteries. So without knowing the DNA 40 I would personally start out with dual 26ga coils or single 26 - 24ga. Or if you want to go with claptons maybe stick with smaller ones with maybe 28g core as a single coil build because likely it would not perform well with dual claptons.


I’d say, get yourself one of these (ohm meter) on the cheap ($10 to $15) and start looking at a crap ton of YouTube vids…

Any coil setup .5 ohms and higher, with a battery rated for at least 20 amps continuous draw, would be a good place to start! :man_student:


Dna 40 will fire kanthal at full power @ .16 and up. But when it comes to putting in a build I find the atty that I’m using is more relevant than the mod!


agreed, also i rarely go above 40w and use various coil setups with ss 316l 26 g and remade ss316 clapton wire. it depends more on what will work in your rta. what rta are you using?

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I’d start with a simple single wire coil(s) around .5-.75ohms. You’ll be able to get more oomph from your mod with higher ohms and with a nice simple coil the ramp up time will be minimal.


Twisted messes rda from compvape

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This is an old Ohms Law Chart For Sub-Ohm Vaping, In our current word people are vaping at much higher wattage. You should be able to find youtube videos of guys building .5 builds with number of wraps etc.


solid advice!

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i would suggest you go with 26gauge at like 0,5ohm (dual coil, 2,5 - 3mm ID)
Dual coil Kanthal Clapton coils 26/34 at like 0.3ohm 2 - 2.5 ID could work too
probably you could try a triple or quad parallel 28ga build (single coil build) with these watts with 3mm ID…
but with only 40watts you can go very far with complex wire… they usually need more than 40watts specially if you like a warm vape…

in any case no matter what we all suggest you it’s subjective… you will find eventually what you like better at some point on your own :slight_smile: there is no really a “best” or “worst” build unless your hardware can’t deal with it…