Best rda build for istick

So i just pick me up a new rda last night. Not much its a IGO-W7 but just something to learn coil building on. I was just wondering whats the best coil build for it. I’m limited to 1.0 ohms. So is it some where in that area.

Hi Oliver56;

Here’s a video on building your W7. Being you are limited to 1.0+ ohms I believe you will only be able to build single coil. We built a single coil Magna of mine if I remember correctly 8 wraps of 28g kanthal A1 and ohmed to 1.3 which was perfect for my 20 watt IStick.

There are many here that know more about building Coils than I and maybe they can suggest a way to get above a ohm and a dual coil. Anyway, here’s the video which is both a review of the w7 and will tell you the build technique.

Yea i have still yet to get the dual coil. Mostly because I purchased 26g wire from what I have read it takes longer to heat up. On my next purchase I plan on buying 30g hopefully that will help my dual coil heat up faster before the 10s shutoff on istick. I been just using single coil like yourself but i think I built my to 1.1 or 1.2 and did a horizontal coil just for fun. Seems to hold more juice horizontal since i’m able to tuck the wicking material under on both sides better.

I didn’t actually watch the whole video, but listened as I typed my post. I did gather the w7 was made for vertical coil builds. I have heard that vertical coil builds actually add to the flavor. Don’t know why, but this is what I hear…

I’m going to have to try to redo my vertical build to see if it do improve the flavor. It seemed it didnt hold as much juice but it could be operator error on putting my wick in or the small space for the juice to collect in the bottom.