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Best Rta's on the market up to date plz

Hello guys any suggestions on a best RTA you can buy that you won’t be able to out it away n try something else plz.

I have a couple in mind but would like to get your opinion as well plz . RTA’s that in mind as of 25th may 2016 are bellow.

Griffins 25mm
Billow v3 plus
Avocado 24

You guys can tell me which one would you prefer plz thanks


I would choose the Boreas, however it’s not very forgiving on wicking. When wicked correctly its awesome.

The Griffin 25 is hard to get a decent flavour from but it’s one of those tanks you will still use regularly.

I have a Billow v3 and it wicks really well with a light wick but you can over wick it. Flavour is ok.


Thanks mate keep its coming guys

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I second the use of the Griffin 25 and since taste is subjective… I seem to be getting good flavor g. Not knowing what type of device your vaping with though… any of the bigger tanks your going to want at least a duel battery mod. I’m purchasing a new mod for my step daughter for using the Griffin 25 that she has (actually she’s paying for it, I’m not that nice lol).

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You will get a lot of votes for the boras

Personally I am using the aromamizer supermen 25ml.

The real question is are you going for flavor or clouds?

I’m finding with some of these rta’s it’s a lot of airflow and lower flavor. On mine I have the airflow cut way way down.


Thanks guys I have coolfire tc100 and I like a bit of both world but I don’t need to full my room with clouds lol what do you guys like dual coils or single coils plz

This is pretty good

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Good point, I also will normally vape with the air flow on my devices less than a third open, (on the Griffin 25 not the top air flow tank, I only use the 1st hole… on the original Griffin it’s about 1/3rd open or less). But I vape at 23 watts or so… nothing too extreme imho

Can that be use as single and double coils as well or just double and it does look nice Phil have you got one plz

If you haven’t already tried this tank you need to try it Moonshot the build can be a bit messy but once done it the best tank you will ever use only let Down is it’s only 2 ml and another tank is the iJoy Tornado RDTA Tank you must try this tank 5 ml top side fill. My two best tanks. It beats all the other tanks mentioned on here.

I love my Moonshot!!!

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Ok thanks I’m gonna check some review out on YouTube lol

Good point I think it’s only a dual build.

I think the Tornado is great. I love the tip and it’s one of the best wickers. I know a lot of people don’t like it though.

I’ve been using the wismec theorem since it came out and I absolutely love it . The flavors with the notch coil are awesome . I paid like $7 for 5 notch coils and each one lasts almost 2 weeks @50 Watts . Plus it looks good . I’ve heard good things about the moonshot too I’ll be picking one up next.


here is a pic of the theorem. It has great air flow options . It is single coil or dual vertical .


The Griffin 25 is single or dual coil setup.

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Thanks for all your input guys

Of the one’s you mentioned, anything but the avocado.

I have both the Griffin25 and the Boreas, for me the flavor is close to the same but I prefer the Griffin. For me it’s easier to wick without leaking.