Best single coil rdta?

Since I came to the conclusion I am not a fan of the baby beast rba deck I would like to get myself a single coil rdta soon. Suggestions?

I think the cthulu v3 is pretty cool because it gives you both single and double coil options and I hear the flavour is pretty awesome

I got a pair of ammit 's last week. Awesome. They are RTA and pugs did a review on them probably 3 weeks ago. Definitely recommend them.

I have the avocado 24 side air flow and its real nice… Single and dual code… Pretty solid… I have not gotten it to wick the best yet but I have used one that was working perfectly… ( just haven’t had time to sit down with it yet) I suspect it will be in my daily rotation very soon

i found that using 2.5mm coils and smaller work best because if you go with something with a bigger diameter, you’re gonna need more cotton and the wicking holes aren’t the biggest.

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I use 3.5mm ID and keep the wicks on the deck. Just fluffed and covering the holes. As long as I tilt it back and forth every 4-6 hits it stays nice and juicy. I never get dry hits or leaking. The 22 and 24 Avocado’s are my absolute favorites. Amazing flavor.

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hmm never thought of using it that way… ill try that out. thanks for the input!

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serpent mini or theorim

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Could check:
HCigar Fodi F2 RDTA
Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme RDTA Atomizer
Magma RDTA Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer – have the RDA version, great taste.
Origen-genesis-v2 – have the RDA version, great taste.

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Merlin from Augvape.

A large build deck, solid construction, great flavor and a top fill design that actually works without leaks.


Funny about 3hrs 50 mins ago I ordered 2 to have a play with.

Thought it was a pretty good price.

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Have to agree with @CraigC … plus, the Merlin is super easy to wick.

I get a great flavor from my Merlin tanks. I didn’t realize how good my e-juices actually tasted compared to the tanks I was using. They are easy to wick as well, which is great for a beginner like me at making my own coils and wicking. The only issue I have with the Merlin is quality consistency. Of the eight that I have, four are perfect, but the JFC on three of them are a bit hard to turn, and one that sounds like metal grinding on metal.

I ended up going with a 25mm serpent mini I like that it has dual and single and I love the way single mounts it looks very easy to build on and ample space for decent size coils.

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great price as well

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I really like and prefere single coils atty.
My favor:
Avocado, 22 and the new 24
The Mage gta

I buildt with different wire, but always ss316.