Best Smelling Juices? What Juice is a Crowd Pleaser? Those flavors that leave a room smelling good?

I recently made some Dark Horse - a Cotto’s Revenge clone that left a very pleasing smell in the room (I used CAP Custard / and cap Toasted Almond / then Bourbon and Coconut Extra per Dreamer’s recipe - the aromatics are bourbon coconut I think but the almond may help with the nuttiness responsible for the nice aromatics).

Anyone else have juices - DIY or purchased that get comments from others as to how great they smell?

If given the choice I’d rather have a good smelling juice - making your surroundings smell delicious instead of some funky vapor scent might help to change a few minds.


I’ve had more people comment about how good my vape smells from this than anything else. There’s always someone who leans in and says "oooh what’s that?!"


Like @VapeyMama this particular mix seems to generate a lot of comments about the pleasant smell.


Lemon cake inw leaves the room full of yellow lemon cake.


My wife likes anything with cinnamon danish swirl, strawberry, or caramel.

She has a very good nose. Can tell me exactly what recipe I’m vaping that particular night.

She also hates fa fuji and tfa berry crunch.


I recently got a lot of comments on @therabidweasel’s

The Snail Trail

Ingredient %
Cactus (INAWERA) 1.50
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1.00
Oba Oba (FA) 2.00
Pear (FA) 6.00
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 4.00
Vanilla Tahity (FA) 0.50

Flavor total: 15%

Remember to rate it at!

And for good reason too. It smells like heaven and tastes just as yummy. :slight_smile:


Great comments everyone! Really interested to see the combinations here.

We all have Individual preferences in “smell” just like the juices that are our favorites - but I’m happily surprised by all the comments this is getting. I had no idea there were so many good smelling recipes out there.

Of course I’ll have to buy a few more flavors to try all of these (inw lemon cake sounds awesome!) - but keep those suggestions coming (so I only need to make one order :wink: ).


I’ve had strangers, more than once, that don’t even vape stop me to ask “what is that vape?” because the aroma is so provocatively soothing and sweet.


Funny story… I had this tropical flavor from a local shop a few years ago, kind of heavy on the pineapple, and my wife would come home from work late at night, smell the scent in the air and think I was sweating out McDonald’s cheeseburger residue in my sleep! This went on for a week and she finally had to have a talk with me, totally concerned for my health. I was like, I haven’t had fast food in over two weeks!! Haha! She finally smelled it in a different setting and figured out it was the vapor. I never bought that one again :slight_smile:


Good to know - if there are any flavors that are exceptionally stinky that helps to know what to avoid as well. I don’t know if I’ve ever sweated-out vape juice but I have some hazy memories is something similar from tequilia when I was in college - not good at all.

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It was lingering in the room from vaping before going to sleep, not being sweat out o’ me!

Most ppl who take notice to a scent I’m vaping the juice will most likely be a bakery w/ cinnamon, or rhubarb in it sometimes some strawberries.
Here’s a few I notice