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Best Squonk RDA's?


Okay, I am seriously getting a squonk mod after Christmas. Anyone got any recommendations for the best squonking RDA out there or something you use on a regular basis?


LOL … I think you Know what I like but the Hadaly clone looks good


Yeah just wanted to hear from the rest of the squonking community. LOL.


I know you said you like the DP 160, how is the flavor from the RDA that comes with it?


I do not use the RDA that came with it … I like the velocity v2 or the Tsunami 24 and I just ordered the Hadaly clone



The reason for the 24 it comes with a bottom feed pin.


yes But don’t care for the bf pin


So does the Vortices clone. A pain to build on. It also gets extremely hot.


Sorry, meant that for @TheTinMan1.


Kanger DripBox 160W with a Velocity V2 atty

Kanger DripBox 2 with a Velocity V2

The OEM atty for the 60W and the 160W are a little fussy to build.
The premade/wicked coils are great
Both have great flavor.

The OEM atty that comes with the DripBox 2 is an improvement.
Also uses the same premade coils as the 60W and 160W
Both have great flavor.

I prefer the Velocity V2 over everything .


That really depends on how much wattage you like. And on your standard for the best RDA - my personal standard is flavour first, build quality and ease second, and thirdly versatility (dual/single, high/low wattage etc.).

Considering the above, my recommendation for wattages above 35 goes to Tsunami (the big one with the BF pin) and Velocity v2. It’s a tie in terms of versatility as the Tsunami supports single coil, but the Velocity has superior airflow control.

For up to 35W I still recommend the Origen Dripper 2 or 3. You can have big coils, small coils, single, dual, really tight airflow or kinda restricted lung hit. Only problem is: they’re hard to get nowadays. Therefore, the second recommendation goes to the NoName NoPity - stunning flavour, single or dual and squonk ready out of the box. Actually, the NoPity can handle higher wattages pretty well, too, but at higher watts it’s just not quite as good as the Tsunami or Velocity.


How is the Volocity V2 by Tobeco? Holy shit, I can’t see paying $99 for a RDA.


i have the tobeco and its fine i cant imagine buying the original either


No Name has couple of newer BF attys out since the NoPity. The NoToy (clone is called a BF-99) is their new single coil atty and they also have a new dual coil atty with a deck similar to the NoPity with a smaller chamber called the NoLegal. I have a clone of the NoPity and it’s a nice atty but I find it lacking in flavor compared to my go to atty which is the Derringer V3. I have 3 of them converted to a squonking atty with a Fat Daddy Vapes BF pin. I’ve ordered the NoToy (has already shipped from FT) and I’ll probably be ordering the NoLegal in the near future.


Wow, didn’t know there is a v3 of the Derringer! :open_mouth: How is it? Kicks ass, I suppose :grin:

I heard the NoLegal (selling as NoPity v2 over here…) has improved flavour - telling from the pictures that’s mostly about smaller chamber size and smaller ID drip tip.

Waiting on my NoToy, too… It’s really annoying that the Chinese tend to call the NoPity “BF-99 RDA”! Drives me NUTS! :tired_face: They do the same with the Magister, Zephyr (aka “Magister 2”) and le Mirage (aka “Magister 3”)! argh… :scream:
Anyhow, I have high hopes for the NoToy. I find it really cool that you can channel air flow just through one of the three vents! The reason is that a big slot below the coil with a smallish air intake would slow down air flow considerably.


The SXK BF-99 [FastTech] has a coupon code for 20% off = $10 cost
That also works on each one…2 for $20, 3 for $30, etc.
Apply MAP12923


?? Why Squonk when we have the Avocado 24 bottom aired
?? … This one too is bottom feed. Not all news are good news :slight_smile:



I ride … when I have to :slight_smile: