Best Stevia UK

Hi guys.
Looking for the best organic leaf powder stevia, as I would like to sub my sucralose. Uk only please. Thanks

I believe this is the one that @Pugs1970 & @Lolly use

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Spring water? It means it has all the minerals in it. Shouldnt it be distilled? That’s why I would prefer powder.

It is the one I use yeah, I don’t know about the springwater thing, what’s in Pyure?

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I use Daforto I got mine from Amazon but maybe cheaper elsewhere?

High in REB A so not bitter and bulked out with agents. I mix it at 1g to 9ml of PG (tried VG doesn’t dissolve very well) and run through a coffee filter to remove any residue after 1-2 weeks then add to mixes up to 2-4 drops per 10ml for myself, but of course it is dependant on your own taste.

The 10g is enough to make me a 100ml of finished Stevia liquid, it is good quality REB A Stevia. Certainly cheaper on Ebay, but I am getting a brand name REB A and 100ml of finished Stevia is going to last me longer than probably the expiry date of the powder anyway, so I don’t need anymore than 10g tbh. like that?

Haven’t tried the one you listed, but the actual product from the description looks fine. Anything above 97% Reb A is regarded as of a high purity, you can go higher up to 99%

You can buy ordinary Stevia much cheaper but maybe not as such high qualitydue to it being filled out with Bulking Agents and can be more bitter than Reb A in the finished taste.

Difference between Stevia and Reb A


If you don’t mind China sourced

I [think] this is sourced from South America

OMG just read the Pyure label, it says it has WATER! not distilled, not purified, not even settled! it’s just WATER! I bet it probably comes outa the ground from under a rock! at least yours is springy

Water, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A), Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Citric Acid


It’s organic water! LOL. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you want me to believe there is really organic water?

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Yes!! Absolutely. It comes from under a rock, outta the ground! That’s organic, right?? :stuck_out_tongue: Haha…Pyure is just so “oooh we’re super organic” about everything and I thought it was funny that the water didn’t say “Organic spring water kissed by mountain angels” or something.