Best substitute

I wanna try Wayne’s Water Malone, but where I’m at I cannot buy the FLV flavours, Watermelon (Flavorah) and Wild Melon (Flavorah). What is the best flavours that equals to these? Cap, TPA, FW, FA and INW is the brands that I can buy.
Thanks in advance!
The recipe

  • Double Apple (CAP) 4.00%
  • Dragonfruit (TPA) 2.00%
  • Super Sweet (CAP) 0.50%
  • Watermelon (Flavorah) 3.00%
  • Wild Melon (Flavorah) 1.00%

Might give Medicine Flower a try:
Of course you could also look up individual searches like “apple” in the flavor list:
then click “rating” in blue lettering to the right of page.


Are you on Mars?


You could find a substitute for every flavor listed except (FLV) wild melon. Its a very unique flavor or/and mix/blend of different melon notes and jackfruit.

I don’t work or know anyone at flavorah to know whats in it, but using this flavor, that’s what I taste. I yet have to find a brand that would or could be a substitute for that one.


I agree with @eStorm. Wild melon flv cannot be replaced. I did mix the recpie without watermelon flv because I didn’t have it. What I can say is that I can distinctly tell/feel the effect of wild melon.

Granted though…if you must mix without you’ll still get a good mix. I made mine with watermelon fa mixed with watermelon inw…but it had wild melon in it. Without wild melon maybe a hidden touch of melon concentrates will do the trick…but very low to the point that you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s there.


@21Vapes Sorry if you perceived it the wrong way… I kind of expected an answer like “No, I live in X country”.
Flavorah isn’t the most difficult brand to get hold of, and chefs in the UK ship worldwide for £10… There may be other options in your area that you don’t know of.