Best Super concentrate brand

Oh you meant base as in vg etc… Lol yeah that’s a recipe. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah, I’m just missing something. Maybe you or someone else will figure out what I mean. I don’t want to shred his thread here.

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Ok one more try… Here’s what a one shot is…

And the difference between an apple flavor and an apple pie flavor (Or eggnog or whatever more complex flavor) would just be more components/ingredients in the pie flavor.


I think we are thinking of the same thing, yes. OK thanks for that.


It stands to reason that a SC Super Concentrate is multiple single flavors following a recipe created by the vendor. One shot of SC is all you need to make a complete E-juice.
Single flavors or blends are not labled as an SC and are used traditionally to create an e-juice following a recipe or in experimentation with trial and error.
I want to find good quality SC flavor shots to easily make e-juice without all the fussing about with measuring flavors and unknown steeping etc…

I have recently looked into Wonder Flavors at Bull City Flavors and will try a dozen or so like Brazilian Coffee SC. Just my own Nic, VG, PG, Flavor booster and the SC. easy peezee

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If you end up liking that Brazilian Coffee, you can buy it in 2oz, 4oz , 8oz or 500ml sizes over at Nicotine River. I originally got the 1oz from them and bought another 4oz during their New Year’s sale.

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It seems from reading the RF SC topics of well over 2500 posts I will be very cautious in spending money on their products. It seems flavor fade and the 4 week steeping recommendations that it will be a problem for me.

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With the huge amount of input from all my sources its going to be a refill on my usual flavors and a dozen of the Wonder Flavors SC in fruit, bakery, savory stuff and coffees from my #1 supplier Bull City Flavors.
I’ll post reviews on the subject here and my other home Vaping Underground.
TTYL :grin:

Yes strangely UP is closer to a tiramisu, and tiramisu is closer to a coffee. There are quite a few good coffee flavours now I think OSDIY Lotta Latte, FA Up and my favourite Medicine Flower Coffee.


It goes good with a morning cup of coffee. I threw it in a cart on a whim but think its pretty good.


What? This is true? I though super concentrate was just more concentrated or less watered down. SC strawberry for instance… how would this have multiple single flavors? Thats What a one shot it.

Wow now I am confused and I used to understand this perfectly

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Nope you still appear to understand it perfectly.

I think the terminology is just a bit different.
To me

Super concentrate - is a very strong concentrate (many flv, rf, some inw). Edit - I just want to add here that super concentrates contain little or no pg/vg and are usually alcohol based.

Simple flavour - i think single represented flavour (strawberry, raspberry, apple)

Complex flavour - Multiple flavours added by the flavour company to try to recreate pies, fruit mix, etc can also be used as a one shot if you think nothing is lacking (apple pie, cherry chocolate, strawberry milk shake).

One shot (or stone) - a mixture of simple or complex flavours made to just add vg/pg/nic to make a finished juice.

These are the terms I use many will have coined their own.


Thank you @woftam this is how I understand it as well


A SC Super Concentrate is a complete recipe as designed by the maker, ready to mix with a base for finished e-juice. Thats the designation used by Real Flavor, Wonder Flavor, ECX, etc… They don’t call it One Shot. Hope this clarifies the name.

That’s maybe a European classification or just yours?
Super Concentrate (SC) is the completed flavor recipe ready to mix with your base as universally named by many if not all the manufacturers you would find on ECX or Bull City Flavors.

see my above replies :grin:

I think you may have a few ideas criss crosses. @woftam is correct.

The “sc” label from real flavors is there designation or separation from their vg line which is less concentrated. Some of the vg versions require 5-10% flavoring (example only) compared to their sc line of 0.1 to 3%.

Beyond that many loosely call flavorings from companies like fa, inw, flv (for example) super concentrated because when compare to cappella you have the same result with many of the flavors requiring a higher percent (4-10%) when compared to MF only needing to use 01-1% for the vast majority of their flavors.

Further more, although all vendors have flavors that are tastey as a single flavor many are much much better mixed with other flavorings.

A one shot places the many many flavors together so the mixer needs only to add pg/vg/nic

A base or stone may be tastey in its own but often encourage the mixer to add one more ingredient. Most common are ice cream stones and cream stones. You may add a bit of fruit to make strawberries and cream, Oreo coookie ice cream by adding chocolate and cookie. Etc.



Umm no SC is not a recipe though thats a one shot actually


This will be a good add on for the resources page.


Wonder Flavours are not one shots. Regardless of how companies market the SC thing, here and in diy in general, sc does Not mean what you’ve written. Sc is not a complete recipe ready to mix, that would be a One Shot, as in the diyordie one’s at ecx. I understand the confusion totally because I’ve seen sites in Europe that advertise all these companies I’ve never heard of as super concentrates while they’re actually one shots. So, wonder flavours and real flavours are not what you’re looking for though they may each have a couple of flavours that stand well alone. maybe there’s a one shot thread here somewhere that can help ya out? Good luck!