Misconceptions of vaping terminology

I thought it might be helpful for new folks to have a thread where they can get clarification on things they might have read, are wondering about, or simply may have misunderstood in the course of things.

Please share things you see on the forum that you think might be useful here, or ask any questions that you’re not sure about here!

I’ll kick it off with the following:

Continuing the discussion from Best Super concentrate brand:

The above quote is a perfect example of such a misunderstanding.

To clarify:
A “super concentrate” by pure definition means that the flavor is more concentrated (eg: use less) than the non-concentrated counterpart (if there is one). Think orange juice vs concentrated orange juice, which is usually frozen, and in a MUCH smaller container, but when water is added, makes the same amount (ie: 1 gallon) of what you would get if you bought a non-concentrated gallon of regular orange juice.

As opposed to a “One-shot” which is a marketing term created to establish the idea that the product labeled as such, is a complex “recipe in a bottle”, just add VG/PG/nic. (eg: Turkey dinner one shot. Which might be expected to include: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, potatoes, bread rolls… Etc)


Simple flavour - i think single represented flavour (strawberry, raspberry, apple) [thanks @woftam]

Complex flavour - Multiple flavours added by the flavour company to try to recreate pies, fruit mix, etc can also be used as a one shot if you think nothing is lacking (apple pie, cherry chocolate, strawberry milk shake). [thanks @woftam]

List of vaping-related acronyms:


@woftam Breakdown

Super concentrate - is a very strong concentrate (many flv, rf, some inw). Edit - I just want to add here that super concentrates contain little or no pg/vg and are usually alcohol based.

Simple flavour - i think single represented flavour (strawberry, raspberry, apple)

Complex flavour - Multiple flavours added by the flavour company to try to recreate pies, fruit mix, etc can also be used as a one shot if you think nothing is lacking (apple pie, cherry chocolate, strawberry milk shake).

One shot (or stone) - a mixture of simple or complex flavours made to just add vg/pg/nic to make a finished juice.

Not necessarily misconceptions, but it might be helpful for some members.

1O1 One on One
ADV All Day Vape
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFS Auto Feed System
AL Atmos Lab
AP Acetyl Pyrazine
AV Azure Vaping/Blue Mist
BH Bolsjehuset
BM Azure Vaping/Blue Mist
BP Big Pharma / Blood Pressure
BSB Black Silver Bullet
BT Big Tobacco (The Tobacco Industry)
BTW By The Way
BWB Backwoods Brew
C9V Cloud 9 Vaping
CAP Capella Flavors
CCW Cupcake World
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder
COV Clouds of Vapor
CT Chinese Tobacco
DFS DIY Flavor Shack
DIY Do It Yourself
DOA Dead On Arrival
DSV Dark Side Vapor
DV Decadent Vapours
ECF www.E-Cigarette-Forum.com
ECX ecigExpress
EDV Every Day Vape
EGFD Ella’s Gourmet Flavor Drops
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ESS Essence Flavor Concentrates
EST E-smokeytreats
FA Flavour Art
FDA The US Food and Drug Administration
FE Flavors Express (ecigExpress)
FF Faeries Finest
FIN Faeries Finest
FJ Flavour Junkie
FLV Flavorah
FR Flavor Revolution
FSUSA FreedomSmokeUSA
FTFY Fixed That For You
FW Flavor West
FWIW For What It’s Worth
FYI For Your Information
GF German Flavours (germanflavours.de or vaperstek)
GG The GG!
GJ Gremlin Juice
GP Good Prophets
HC Health Cabin
HG Heaven Gifts
HK Halskrads (throat hit)
HS Hangsen
HV Heartland Vapes
IDK I Don’t Know
IIRC If I Remember Correctly
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
INAWERA Inawera Flavours
INW Inawera Flavours
IOW In Other Words
JC Johnson Creek Smoke Juice
JF Jungle Flavors
JS JantyStick
KOL Kronisk Obstruktiv Lungesygdom (COPD)
LA LorAnn Flavors
LAN LorAnn Naturals Flavors
LB Liquid Barn
LF Liberty Flights
LMGTFY Let Me Google That For You
LQA Liqua
LR Low Resistance
MBV Mt Baker Vapor
MF Medicine Flower
MFS My Freedom Smokes
NF Nature’s Flavors
NM Nielsen Massey
NN Nude Nicotine
NR Nicotine River
NRT Nicotine Replacement Therapy
NV NicVape
NWF North West Flavors
OOO One on One
OTOH On The Other Hand
PA The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice
PAD Pack A Day
PCC Personal Charging Case
PEG Polyethylene Glycol 400
PF Pure Flavor
PFT På Forhånd Tak (Thanks In Advance)
PG Propylene Glycol
PGA Pure Grain Alcohol
PITA Pain In The Ass
PS PureSmoker
PT Passthrough
PV Personal Vaporizer
SB Silver Bullet
SC Super Concentrated
SCE Silver Cloud Estates
SD Screwdriver
SM Seedman
TA Tobacco Absolute
TD Tino d’Milano (Inawera)
TE Tobacco Express (ecigExpress)
TFA The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice
TFW The Flavor Wizard
TH Throat Hit
TIA Thanks In Advance
TMI Too Much Information
TP Tasty Puff
TPA The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice
TW Totally Wicked e-Liquid
TWOJ Twoj Liquid
TY Thank You
TYVM Thank You Very Much
UG Urtegården
USP The United States Pharmacopeia
V4L Vapor4Life
VG Vegetable Glycerine
VTA Vape Train Australia
VW VapeWild
VZ VapingZone
VZ SC VapingZone Super Concentrated
W2V Want2Vape
WF Wonder Flavours
WG Wera Garden (Inawera)
WL Wizard Labs
WTF What The Fuck
WTH What The Hell
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary
atty Atomizer
bat Battery
batt Battery
cart Cartridge
carto Cartomizer: Combined cartridge and atomizer
cartomizer Cartomizer: Combined cartridge and atomizer
j/k Just kidding
jj Just Joking
jk Just Kidding
mg Milligrams per milliliter
pwn Own
pwns Owns
thx Thanks

How about 1 more…

DD = Dilly Dilly!



NET = Naturally Extracted Tea or Tobacco

PV = Pale Vape When the flavor is strong enough just lacking somehow.


SFT- Single Flavour Test
ETA - edited to add


Kinda pet hate of mine is nic terminology

3mg/ml is not 3% it is .3%
16mg/ml is not 16% it is 1.6%




PDO is 1 ,3-Propanediol is a PG replacement that works but can mute your flavours some (I have not used but the flavour mute appears to be the general consensus)


Thanks @woftam.


AFC = airflow control


IMF = Island of Misfit Flavors :wink:


Suicide bottle - a large bottle where you put all your crap mixes add menthol and give it to a mintie vaper


I call that a Frankenflavor. If I add menthol I usually keep it. :grin:


Well, I just made these up, but It’ll be good to not have to spell these out.

FT or FTT = Finger Taste Test… A dab of flavor concentrate or mix on the finger for a quick taste.

USt = Up Steeper… Flavors that get stronger when steeped.

ST = Smear Test… Rubbing concentrates onto the skin for a sniff test.

QP = Quik Peep… Sniffing flavor concentrates or mixes right from the bottle.


It would be wonderful to have all of these acronyms on an excel spreadsheet. Searchable QR (quick reference) lol.

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Knuckle test is the same as FT


Since we mak8ng things up

NB - needs butter
NMB - needs more butter


Who knows where some people choose to rub their juice… LMAO! :rofl:


Could be so much worse.

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Already taken. :star_struck:

Maybe I can go back to New Drip.