Best Vendor in the U.S.?

Going to add to my collection of flavors and get some for recipes here. For some reason nic river is not on the auto list when you click on a flavor. Besides Nic River, who are reliable vendors in the U.S.? Please feel free to merge.

Check the Resources page! :wink:


Thank you, I need to book mark that one.


top 3 for me


When putting in your flavors, make sure you are using the manufacturer of the flavor and not the reseller. Nic River’s “line” of flavors are actually in the DB as Purilum, as that is who manufactures them.


I don’t think there is a “best” vendor. I do business with 3-4 different ones and they each have their merits, as well as their downsides. It would be nice to find one that has everything you need in stock, at the lowest price, every time you go to place that order. But the unfortunate reality is…that vendor doesn’t exist.

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For customer service VaporTalk is the best. You will never have a problem they won’t fix right. After them, there are many who compete well. At the bottom of my list is MyVPro. Takes days for an order to crawl to the shipping dock. Got a progblem? Blahahahaha, yes you do!

Never heard of them.

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Very small online shop. The owner is a wonderful person and personally insures everything is taken care of. Not a huge selection, but i always look there first and buy there if they have it.