Best way to mitigate TH on peach blend?

I have a decent peach blend I have been working on for a while and I have some friends that love the taste but complain about throat hit. Whats the best way to reduce the TH without sacrificing the flavour? The TH doesn’t bother me, but I would like to make it more vapable all around. thanks!
I have MTS vape wiz and TFA smooth, just never have used them in blends and not quite sure how they will affect my recipe

3% TPA Peach
3% FA White peach
3% FA Peach
1.5% TPA juicy peach
1% INA cactus
1% TFA dragonfruit

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Cactus adds a lot of TH.

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I could remove it, but it does add a depth to the blend as well as a nice watery feel to it. I think it’s kind of a crucial part. I’ve been tweaking this blend for a long time and It tastes better with the cactus in it.

Pyure Stevia

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Hmmmmm. Dropping TH. Yup. You gotta do some testing.
Try all of theae separately in 15ml bottles

Coconut FA 0.3% (maybe even as low as 0.2 but because of all the peach your not goi g to really taste it unless someone is super taster and plays dramatically with low and high power settings)

Fresh cream FA 0.3%

Mts one drop (maybe two or play with it…I normally do the first two)

The above is what I would do.

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thanks. I don’t have pyure or coconut but I’ll give the fresh cream and mts a shot.

From the 4 peach flavors in the mix, you are using a total of 10.5% peach flavoring. That is a LOT of peach. Get it down to 4-6% or even lower since you are using White Peach (FA) and I bet you start getting close. With a lot of flavors, less is more. In my experience, this applies to the peach flavors you are using. White Peach is a beautiful peach flavor…at 2%. and maybe cut the Cactus (Inawera) to .5%. It will still be there…believe me. :slight_smile:


ok. I find myself doing that to a lot of my recipes, using too high flavourings. I’ll tweak it a bit. thanks!

Yes you’re right. I now use it @ .75% with Pyure. It still has some TH, but I can handle it now. The Pyure calms it down quite a bit.

I agree with @bradslinux. You should get plenty of peach even after a reduction.


For the depth and water feel to it you could sub the cactus for pear perhaps?

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What’s the VG/PG ratio? I’d look to making the whiners a lighter PG version and see if they complain about flavor loss.

I made a Lemonade that had a pretty wicked throat hit. 1 drop MTS Vape Wizard pr 5ml really smoothed it out.

Never found Cactus harsh on TH personally, but maybe cut it to 0.5%, it’ll still give you that lovely juiciness.

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I make all my blends at 70/30. I’ve got a few remixes going with lower values of peach and cactus, added mts, etc.

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