Best website to get flavoring, nic, pg/VG

So I recently bought flavoring, and nic from and it was horrible. I wasn’t able to make any good juice out of it. So what is a good site that has really good flavors and good nic.


Top US sellers





VG, PG and Nic
PG and VG

FlavourArt, INW and Flavorah are premium mixing flavor… more good than bad

TPA, Flavor West and Capella… hit and miss.

Study your flavors before purchasing here


I get my VG from Essential depot and theirs is great and very cheap! I end up getting gallons for $11. I don’t use pg so I can’t speak to that but they also have it for the same price.
For flavorings I only use Bullcity, Ecigexpress and Wizard Labs. All of them are fast and offer free shipping over $X.

Some people do not like wizard labs because they send you flavorings in vials and not drip bottles but for me I already have drip bottles and their prices are the cheapest around so it doesn’t matter… Also he is local so I can just pick up my order.
BCV is great and not to take anything away from ECX but they have a wider selection and even though they do have some out of stock things, it isn’t as bad as ECX (in my experience) I still love ECX and they have coupons plus a “rewards” program for every dollar you spend
Flavorah has some great flavors too…a bit pricey but you use a lot less than others. Unfortunately I do not believe you can get it anywhere but his direct website, worth checking out though!
Heartland has good cheap nicotine. If you want the lowest price for decent quality they are your guys. For me I shell out a little more $ and go with Nude Nicotine or even vaperstech which is even more $ (Friends of mine only use VT) BUT every time I have received nic from NN it is always clear, odorless and tasteless. Plus I love how they pack all their stuff in amber bottles with spec sheets/lab sheets and that.
Sometime heartland’s has that yellowish tint to it and smells a bit, so I believe their’s may be just a little bit lower quality BUT it isn’t bad by any means and that’s probably the reason they are so cheap…I just find their’s doesn’t last as long before turning

If you want to save $ go with heartland. If you want to spend more and store it I would do NN or VT personally.

Now if you haven’t already you will see some info on NN having some screwed up batches in the past and unfortunately that scared a lot of people away. I have never had an issue with them and have been a customer for a long time now, shit happens :wink: The problem was addressed a year or so ago and they haven’t had a problem since. It’s always wise to have a nicotine test kit regardless of where you get it from. IMO you can really only trust yourself

Now this is only my experience with all of these companies and is by no means a right or wrong. I will say DO NOT buy nic from wizard labs or really from anywhere else besides the companies we all recommended…nasty shit!

As @Pro_Vapes said, FlavourArt, INW and Flavorah are premium and very concentrated! Also their flavors are probably the “truest” flavors around! You really can’t go wrong with a majority of their stuff.

After those guys I go for TFA/TPA…they do have some misses but they are cheap and for the most part good. Capella has some good creams/custards and the like but for me a lot of their fruits have this candy-capella like taste I don’t like but some people like that taste. The fruits I do get from them though are wonderful! Specifically their Sweet Strawberry is a popular one. I haven’t really been a huge fan of FW…they do have a few good ones I use but I find some of their fruits to have that candy like flavor I personally cant take


Jake screwed the pooch handling that. From what I gather more people were put off by the “we could not have made a mistake” attitude than by the actual mistake. :worried:

I haven’t bought nic in almost 2 years because I bought too much at once, but I got mine from Nude Nicotine and Wizard Labs and could tell no difference between the two when I tried them side by side (100mg VG mixed down to 12mg 50/50 on some generic dripper on a Vamo, oh memories!).

So anyway, you get a bad batch from WL, they gone downhill, or what? They used to be one of “the best”.


I bought some WL nic a long time ago and it was very peppery, yellow and tasted harsh. I have heard some people have had good nic from them on occasion but the majority of people I have heard from have had nasty nic. I just stay away from the hit or miss myself and maybe they are better now? I wanted it to be good because he is so close to me but I just stick with the flavorings
I heard that about Jake and I really didn’t follow the situation that much but I heard the cocky attitude thing as well. At this point for me, if it is good and correct that’s all I care about!


Gotta say, I get my nic from Nicvape (100mg/ml vg base) & havent had a prob.

I prefer e liquids of They have the great collection of e liquids and nicotine level also.

I know this reply has prolly been long past due for you but I personally use Nicvape and have made multiple orders through them and many recipes that are great. If you are still wanting to try out some of there selection of flavors I will tell you the biggest mistake people make when it comes to there products, they are over flavoring on most of them. Many of the flavors from Nicvape can easily compete with other companies on strength of the flavor but simple example with them would be the fruit lines they have you can do 4% on many of those and they off the back can make a great shake and bake at the right pg/vg ratio. If you want I could post a couple simple ones up if you are still interested. I also gotta say I am also a big fan of TFA as well.