Best white chocolate between

I only got these 2 for white chocolate these are flavorah and Love Vape train. I just made A freaking awesome S.B truffles liquid but know i need to add some kind of cream and need to lose one of the 2 up there. Help. Which one do you guys prefer?


Read what I quoted. You have made the decision on your own. It matches your taste buds. Now run with it.


Well I sure appreciate the input. …seems to me your the only solid besides Cary1 and the newest to join girl. If more confident on being
Half decent n try to help anyone out if i have a decent answer. But ive tried to help ppl around here anyway i would like to find someone to help me makecfuck all sense. Cuz lol im feeling preeeey good rn forgot whar this isceven about ive even asked steve my old man where he was right in froný66t of him twice today.


Sweet Cream (Flavorah) would be a good choice for White Chocolate.


I agree with @TorturedZen on using Sweet Cream to boost White Chocolate (FLV).

If you are planning to use it in blend to replicate dry fruit or a richer recipe like truffle chocolates etc, then Greek Yoghurt or Brie Cheese will add a lot of depth to it.

The Greek Yoghurt can act like a cream but with a slight sharpness that goes well with raisins and alcohol flavours.

Brie Cheese adds lots of richness into the mix, so it can be a great one in bakery blends.


I don’t think I have flavorah Sweet Cream I Do have A fuckload of others tho, i have TPA Sweet cream, but I also have cornish cream ssa that is pretty good I really like the clotted cream also as gross as it sounds. Its delicious, I have too many bavarian creams but the “hollandaise cream” by Wonder flavors… Yummmy! It shocked me. If you havent had that one its really good. Anyways I shall try a cream. Thanks everyone!!


Most of us with bald heads and impressive beard have tried most.

I am not familiar with the latest Wigger (I think I am allowed to use the term as a melanin-deprived vampire who makes Minnesotans look tanned) term for this. Maybe it is a ‘glide girl’. So, please use the flavours and test them one by one.

After that, adjust your recipes accordingly. I think @TorturedZen has hammered the point home enough times about SFTs and steeping samples.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will surely try it out. I am writing an essay assignment on top films about unrecognized writers and I am gonna learn this here now regarding my essay topic. I use the vape while writing essay assignments because it helps me concentrate. I would love to see more suggestions from you.


@RichardHayhurst Welcome to the community. Lots of great folks with a ton of knowledge and experience here. Enjoy !!


I have brie cheese i will try that too. Thanks for your help. :blush:


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