Best White Chocolate for fruit

I’m looking for a white chocolate that will go well with mango. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I’ve tried Real Flavors and even though it smells really good when sniffing the bottle I’m having a really hard time tasting it even after a good steep. The other one that I’ve tried is from flavor West and I didn’t really like that one. Any sudgestions?


The word on the street is (Flv) white chocolate paired with (FW) white chocolate is the winner.

I haven’t tried it, just going by what I heard. I pair (FW) white chocolate with (vta) love or/and (vta) white chocolate base and I am happy with that, as far as chocolate goes, same for any kind (dark, semi sweet, milk chocolate etc) none in my opinion is great. So white chocolate is no different.

I understand you don’t like flavor west, but there’s not much out there that can currently beat this as the “main” white chocolate to build on/from, sry.

Edit, check if MF makes a white chocolate, since apparently their dark chocolate is amazing. Might think that if they do, this could be good? Haven’t tested that either, just a thought so.


Crank that RF SC up its probably their weakest SC of all of them try 5-6%! Yup. I know and do agree low is usually better but RF SC are all over the map %wise. Add in LB fresh cream 0.75-1.0% if you have it and or OOO milky undertone 1.5-2.0% :wink: Nicvape white chocolate is good. TFAs can help support othe WC’s (low or it gets spicy/peppery tho, i like 1.25%)

In all honesty i think RF SC should have stuck with calling thrm extracts…but then again i have to dillute some of them! Cheesecake, breadcrust come to mind…


0.5% White Chocolate MF + fruit + your favorite basic Cream. Give it a few weeks and voila!


Just reached 21 days on this. I made it after I left the comment above, and it is fantastic. The White Chocolate and Cream here make a very good, silky smooth WC. The only change I’d make is to go with my original instinct and put the Cream back down at 2% where I usually use it.