- Tobacco Tasting Notes

It smells and tastes exactly like tobacco…


Ok, so this vapes real nice, I’m not a big tobacco fan, I got this for my dad but had to give it a go, it tastes just like a mild cigarette, I’m quite impressed but prefer my Kustard or raspberry.

I made mine at 3mg nic and my dads at 16mg, I’m gonna guess that the 16 is gonna blow his head off but that’s what he wants :confused:

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Sounds promising, looking forward to getting mine. Have to say think they are a bit sneaky putting the prices on excluding tax even though it says it in small writing on the cart and bottom of the page (though the sample prices were very cheap regardless so nit picking). The order confirmation not great either in that I havent even recieved any and the cart is still showing all the items in it I ordered? One thing to ask though, did you just order USA Red Mix as the bottle you have there says UK Tobacco on it, which is a different flavour?

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Yeah, I’m not sure what I ordered to be honest I messed up the page load at one point, I initially wanted the USA red though

Edit: No email confirmation either… I don’t know if I’ll order from them again…

:slight_smile: Ok, yes UK Tobacco is a different one, I have ordered that amongst the ones I ordered. Looking them up they have been around for ages and the tobaccos have as well and seem very popular. The customer service isnt impressive, also read quite a few negative reviews on them. At the end of the day all I care about is the product though, so as long as I find any from the 12 I love I will be happy.


Mixed my 13 up yesterday 9 tobaccos and 4 fruit. Made a pleasant change to have the room smell of rich tobaccos rather than fruit… I mixed mine in a range of 5 - 10% but I expect to adjust them accordingly.

Grubby’s Ready Mix just add nicotine, takes the guesswork out of having to do that, but you pay a premium for it.

I thought the 10ml concentrate sample packs are excellent value overall and I expect to make at least a litre of finished liquid from the tobacco ones for less than £15 I paid plus base

I ordered mine on the 29th and got a dispatch note (via paypal) from them on the 31st and arrived on the 1st recorded delivery.

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The ready mix was easy to use, think I’ll grab some concentrates next time though as I have pg and vg sitting around.

Vaping on it now and it’s actually growing on me a little, never thought I’d enjoy a tobacco vape again.

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They have a vast range to choose from. I particularly like the Black Mamba Ry6 and couple of the pipe ones from previous orders, But got several new ones to try in this batch, so looking forward to it.

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Yes, even with the kind of hidden tax, the sample concentrate prices are very good. Not that it bothers me as long as I recieve my order, but I am surprised and would recommend to the company to have a look at there website and order confirmations as it is pretty poor for a company been trading since the early days, they should have improved that. I havent even had problems yet as I only ordered on Friday and I can already understand some of the negative reviews I have seen on there customer service. I emailed them for confirmation and just got my own message sent back.
I am particularly looking forward to the Black Mamba and RY6 you mention funnily enough. B-juices tobacco juice I had years ago was lovely but and concentrates I have tried to match it since then have been horrible. I also liked Rocket Puppies RY4 recipe (one of the first DIY ones I mixed) but no others I have made of my own or other peoples have really hit the button for me so hoping this RY6 or one of the other similar types I have ordered will give me the missing link Im hoping for (as ry4 double by tpa I think is over rated and the OSDIY one I tried was pretty poor).

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The tax is just the VAT and what you are seeing on the website are VAT free prices, not that unusual but should be made clearer on their website, As it is only shown in normal text on the very last line of each page “All products are exclusive of VAT (added at checkout) and recorded shipping to the UK”.

As the checkout cart takes you directly to Paypal and you’re not able to check order summary on their own website, before purchasing or make an account on their website, many people miss this and think they are being ripped off.

Never had to deal with their customer service (I try to avoid all customer service) unless I have to, I find patience pays off and is far less stressful, than an hour on the phone listening to crappy background music or strings of emails over days and come away none the wiser, half the time, it just does my head in…

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Yeah, maybe they do a lot of wholesale as it is common that way, not to the general public though, hardly seen it from vaping sites thats for sure. I think it is that added to the cart straight to paypal, not being able to click on individual concentrates in the sample page, it is pretty poorly done more than dodgy, just my opinion…especially when as inpatient as me, sure I will get them shortly and if any are really good that is far more important than anything else.

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Well doing long work hours and getting the posties red card just got my bestcigliquid concentrates today (ended up doing two orders). It looks like they may have a new website when the TPD hits which would be a good thing. Service wise another irritating thing happened though. The second order I placed on the delivery note it seems one of the concentrates was out of stock, no contact from them at all…they just automatically replaced it with a different concentrate…that I had already ordered in my previous order, annoying. WIll start testing them in five days and report back, for me to order from the company again there will have to be some exceptional ones to be blunt. On the positive front, all the bottles were individually shrink wrapped and packed in mini gripseal bags or lay flat tubing which is very good. Also (not that it means anything really), but some of these smell absolutely fantastic I have to say.


Being both inpatient and underly enthused with my own mixes Im vaping on, I decided to try the first 8 of 17 concentrates I bought from bestcigliquid. I have to what they have been lacking in from my own personal experience service wise they are making up for in the most important factor. I am no tobacco expert at all, but these are good, very good.
On youtube I am subscribed to the reviewer Vaping with Vic, oddly after purchasing these I saw he has done loads of reviews on this company, I could almost kick myself for having never watching them before (not watched many tobacco reviews at all).
Of the 8, there are only 2 so far I dont like very much:

Maple Rum Tobacco - It isnt bad, it just isnt working for me. I dont know which rum and maple concentrates he is using, but they are just a bit flat and linear, i find this one so so but a bit boring.
Stirlingo Cream - I don’t get much caramel and the cream tobacco combination just doesn’t work for me personally

I like the Uk Tobacco, RY6, both what they say on the tin and the USA Red, Tawny Dawn and Sultan are particularly nice.

Old Captain - This is my personal stand out so far. It isnt as smooth but reminds me a bit of Inawera AM4A (which along with Soho WERE by far my favourite tobacco concentrates) with the pipe base and chocolate hints. This is doing this a disservice though in all honesty, as it is so much better than AM4A.

Good shout bluenose63, I am impressed so far. These are essentially one shots and I could happily vape away on 4 of the 8 just as they are, but I really look forward to trying to mix some of these into my own recipes.

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Still waiting on my package :frowning:

Based on your earlier posting that is over a week and you should have definitely received it by now. I w0uld of thought.

Couple of things |I would do

Contact them as their packages are usually sent recorded, so they should be able to tell you if it has been sent and at least signed for, even if not by you.

Check your junk, deleted items, inbox of your emails and look for paypal emails. Bestcigliquid dispatch information is sent via them if you paid for your concentrates using paypal.

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Thanks so much! I just got them in the mail today! I’m in the US pretty close to Washington DC (about 1.5 hours).

I bought 12 of them and just tasting them I can’t wait to mail them! Space shark and ry444 seem like they are probably gonna be amongst my favorites of the bunch. Ol captaine seems like it’s gonna be pretty good as well! I’m hoping to get these mixed up in the morning! Thanks for your concern and help on my package!

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Be interested to see what you think of them. I have my other 9 ready to try this evening, including space shark which smells very nice, black mumbo which is bluenose63 favourite as well. Id love to hear what some Americans think of them as looking at NET concentrates in the USA they seem very expensive, these are very cheap. The NET authenticity is irrelevant to me, but seems a huge price difference. What has surprised me from the first batch is how my favourites have been the darker pipe tobaccos so far. May be worth a look at


So the average solo flavor is 5-10%? I’m going to mix a few at 10% right now but would love to hear your opinion.

I made all mine @ 10% and they were all flavoursome surprisingly after 24hours. I reckon, especially steeping you could probably get away with 7-8% but 10% seemed good to me and I like pretty strong flavour generally

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Well I have tried the other nine. Not quite as enthused as I was with the first lot. I am no tobacco expert, but one slight disappointment for me is most of the virginias taste very similar at the heart of them, only subtle differences, none of them are bad though. There were a few that didnt do it for me in this second bunch:

Kentucky Blend - Probably no surprise, but this definately has TPA Kentucky Bourbon in it, very noticable. Just a personal thing, but this isnt my cup of tea

The two that have dissapointed me are:

Brownstone - Not floral but for some reason I am getting a very light perfumey backnote, hardly noticable…in fact the point it is hardly noticable makes me pick it out and notice it even more

Mrs Jones - Most of the first DIY recipes I mixed up were from vaping underground. Jasons Coconut Cake, Rocket Puppies RY4, Golden Oreo Chesecake were some of the first and all really good. I also mixed a few of the infamous HIC ones, I remember really liking a couple of the simpler ones. The ones I didnt like that were popuolar were the coffee and tiramisu recipes. I just never got on with the FA coffee/tiramisu concentrates at that time, they all tasted to me like coffee granules and no matter what creams and other flavourings were added, the coffee/tiramisu granule taste was always at the forefront…Im pretty sure Mrs Jones is using a FA coffee and for me it overpowers the tobacco with that coffee granule taste. If you like FA coffees you will love this.
Desert Ship is good and Space Shark is very moorish, the vanilla is really nice, I think there there are probably better toffees nowadays could be used, but this is quite inspiring as the type of RY4 I want to make.

The standouts for me personally are the excellent Old Captain and also very good Tawny Dawn and Sultan from the first bunch and there have been two from the second batch I have tried:

Deluxe Tobacco - Another Virginia and the sweetest of the ones I have tried. There is a very light touch in it of a tobacco I am not recognsing obviously from the others I have tried which gives it more depth. If you want a sweet, rich Virginia this is the one I would recommend most, along with the USA Red Mix

Black Mamba - Not anywhere near as heavy as I was expecting. There is a really nice cigar flavour here, without being too earthy like the small handful of others I have tried before and Im sure there is some kind of darker hand rolling tobacco in the background that seems familar like old holborn or drum (but neither). This is another I could vape standalone happily BUT I think it would make an awesome tobacco base…for what I have no idea at the moment.

Im summary overall my thought on Bestcigliquid:

Negatives: Website, pricing information, descriptions, cart straight to paypal, order confirmation and customer service needs working on, though they may be already by looks of it with a new website? The virginias are to my tastebuds pretty similar if I was being hyper critical

Positives: Even with the VAT the prices are superb, especially for NET tobaccos if they really are. The concentrates are flavoursome 10% seems plenty to me, especially considering the short steep times I used. The choice of tobaccos is excellent and vast, they seem to be the only UK proper tobacco supplier along with TripHammer (never tried triphammers tobaccos, I have tried some of there other concentrates which were weak and very bland and not cheap for small orders either). Bat the weirdy perfume backnote in Brownstone to me, every one of the 17 was a decent concentrate and almost 1/3 of them I thought were superb which is very impressive.

Pointing out the obvious, you have to like tobacco eliquids to try these really (especially considering coil gunking from net tobaccos). If you do, considering the pricing, choices, being NET and from my own experience they are well worth trying. There are 4/5 I will be purchasing again for sure and will probably try a couple more. On the whole a big thumbs up from me.