Beta Testing New Flavors :D

@daath Approved a really cool idea I had :smiley:

We are always working on new flavors and ideas for blends. That means a lot of testing and general playing around with each new mix. My idea was to allow members of ELR to play and beta test with us!

We would open this thread up to your ideas, and suggestions. Then after reading everyone’s comments we would try to make them. Plus our staff can talk about new flavors we are playing with over here in the lab too.

Once we have a beta test sample pack we would send those out for review free of charge! (All we would ask for is your feedback here)

We have OVER 1000 recipes that are unused and 6 full time flavor artist on staff. Let’s have some fun!

So the questions is: What flavor do you want to see made?


This will probably sound daft and you will totally ignore it.

I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to do more flavours from the east. I would love to try something that was a mild curry flavour, or the flavour of mandarin duck, or sweet and sour chicken.

Probably sounds totally stupid and may not work but sweet and pudding types get boring after a while and wondered if we could get more savoury.

Fresly baked bread!!! Oooooh!!!

Please feel free to delete if too stupid.


A creamed rice pudding flavour. A great British pudding we used to have, and add your own fruit.
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Aye one like our granny used to make with the burnt bit on top. Lol!!!


Oddly I have a recipe for this :stuck_out_tongue:

No recipe for these but hey that is what this thread is about! Bring on the strange ha!

I like it

Sounds amazing!


No idea is ever too stupid. If I thought that I would never got in to this business back!


The very same @SteveD259, the very same. Best pudding ever. :ok_hand:


I would love a Baklava. It is a phyllo pastry with honey and nuts, usually walnuts or pistachio. The jury is still out on it being Greek or Turkish, but they’ve been bickering over more than food for a long time :grinning:
Benedictine would be nice to have as a flavour, but since the ingredients are a well kept secret that might be difficult to realise.

[quote=“Pattie, post:3, topic:51600”]
A great British pudding
[/quote] How about a decent trifle?


We have a place called Greektown in Detroit. Everytime I am there I get this… THIS NEEDS TO BE A BETA ha!


A good Sassafras is one I am dying to have. Am even working on making it myself.

Others I would like to see are Tapioca, Paw Paw, and Toffee as in a Heath Candy bar.


Sounds good to me. Strawberry of course. Hehehe. :yum:[quote=“Josephine_van_Rijn, post:8, topic:51600”]
How about a decent trifle?


We have Turkish places all over Amsterdam selling the stuff and I’ve eaten tons of it. It is very hard to resist when you walk passed and I pass them several times a day. I would love to vape it instead though.


I would love a traditional Thai sweet sticky rice with coconut milk glaze. I can’t even describe how good it is, even better topped with coconut or mango ice cream.


I’m always interested in liquor recipies. Things like (spelling error coming) Grand Marnier and the like…you know, where the flavors buried deep within.


Great ideas everyone!

This will be a cool project

Here is a crazy long list that includes a lot of items we are working on adding as we speak. (Just to give you an idea)


I keep wanting to find good concentrates for the flavors below. So few hit the mark (close enough to want them in my stash) and it would be great to see some that are more realistic and/or just enjoyable.

Coffee (think Starbucks French Roast - bitter but not burnt tasting)
Milk (like plain whole milk, nothing artificial tasting)
All fruits really, there are some good ones out there but I find many to be candyish and would love a genuine taste. Medicine Flower does exceptionally well in this department, but their prices are nuckin futs.

I would be interested in testing/experimenting with your flavors.


Tea! I posted in the other thread and I’ll post it again here. I want someone to make a rooibos (red bush) tea flavor. Or any tea flavors that don’t taste like grass or dirt and I’d be happy. And a coconut rum that doesn’t taste like sunscreen. :stuck_out_tongue:


I second Tapioca


And a wafer like in a coffee crisp bar

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Another one I’d like is the taste of a “Rusty Nail” made from Old Pultney 12 Year Old and Stroma.

Whilst I’m out for a pint of an evening and I usually drink Guinness (with a few drams later on in the evening) I always find it difficult to find a flavour of vape that compliments the alcohol. It would also be nice for when I am having a small dram of an evening.