Beta Testing the Joyetech RiftCore DUO RWTA

Joyetech Beta test version of the RFC RiftCore Duo RWTA

RWTA=Re-Wick able Tank Atomizer (heh I made that up). This device is not a RTA (Rebuild able Tank Atomizer), and definitely not an RDA (Rebuild able Drip Atomizer). And because you may get 1 million puffs on the heating elements it’s not a Rebuild able anything. All you may ever need to replace is the tiny cotton pads!

This is the latest in vaping technology; it is a Coil Free Tank Atomizer. Well… something similar to this has been tried before but now it has Alien Technology built in! Instead of a coil the RFC RiftCore Duo uses 2 space age heating elements straight from area 51. The power goes through the 2 heating elements, and the cotton wick is sandwiched between them to wick the e-liquid to the heat.

The device can easily be re-wicked by opening the empty tank, pull the old cotton out with a pair of tweezers. Clean the deck and dry fire it to clean the heat elements. Then pull a doubled cotton pad from side to side between the heating elements. Adjust the cotton pads so both ends are even with the deck. Drip e-liquid onto the cotton pad to saturate it and screw the tank back together, Once the tank is reassembled you should see the ends of the cotton wick at both of the e-juice inlets. You are now ready to fill the tank and enjoy.

Note: images of the Beta version there will be differences from the production version.

The Duo comes with several pre-cut cotton wicks, 1 spare glass, and a package of spare parts that includes 2 O-rings, 2 Grub screws, 1 Allen tool, and a 5 X 18mm Wick Size Guide. Also included are a quick start instruction pamphlet, a warranty card, and a warning card. I’m not sure what will be included with the final version of this tank, I hope they triple the number of pre-cut cotton wick’s, because the wicks are all that will ever wear out on this device. I think they even include tweezers in the production version.

This is a promising tank but the pre-production device I tested is (IMO) not quite there. On my device you had to remove the drip tip to slide the top cap to fill position. I’m pretty sure the final production top cap has already been changed as you will see below.

Beta test version

Also some suggestions: I think this device is a perfect candidate for a top airflow design, which would prevent my leaking issues, and keep the juice cooler. I found out on using the tank my leaking issues was the result of using too little cotton, and it worked great and did not leak with 2 cotton pads.

Final design version

The flavor and vapor production on this tank are both great. It is easy to re-wick so it is great to test different e-liquid flavors. The heat elements seem to last a very very long time, so imagine having a RTA but never having to build another coil. That is what this new design brings. I am told the RFC is made out of a conductive ceramic material and is safer than wire.

All you will need to replace is the cotton wicking when they discolor and the flavor degrades indicating the cotton needs to be changed.
Remove the old cotton and heat the RFC with your MOD set to 30W for 3 seconds to self-clean. Let it cool for at least 10 seconds. Repeat the dry burn and cooling cycle a few times until heating elements are clean.

  1. Dual RFC heating elements instead of a coil, it heats evenly and conducts heat faster than a coil.
  2. Safe heating material that is made in the USA, safety tests are underway by independent US labs.
  3. Easily changeable cotton wicks, providing an extremely economical solution for users.
  4. Self-cleaning by heat, no need to replace the coils like a normal RTA.
  5. RFC coil free system is a revolutionary and effective tank atomizer design.
  6. More efficient at Atomizing the e-liquid, much better flavor and vapor quality.

Pre-production Kit Contents:

  • 1 X RiftCore DUO Atomizer
  • 1 X Package of pre-cut cotton wicks
  • 1 X Hex Allen Wrench
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
  • 1 X Warranty Card
  • 1 X Warning Card
  • 1 X Package of Spare Parts, includes: 2 Screws, 1 wrench, 2 O-rings, 1 Cotton size guide
  • 1 X Spare Glass (may not be included in the production version)
  • 1 X Tweezers (was not included in my beta test version)


  • Atomizer size: 26.0 X 47.0mm (beta 25.0mm w/ +1.3mm knurling X 44.8mm)
  • Weight: 48g empty but wicked and primed 52.3g filled.
  • Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Element spacing: 3.1mm
  • Element length: 7.1mm
  • Element width: 3.6mm
  • Colors: Gold, Black, Blue
  • Applicable with Joyetech RFC heater only

Instructions for use:
Remove the used cotton wicking and pulse the heating elements to burn off any of the residue from the heat elements. Heat for 3 seconds and cool for 10 seconds several times to self clean. Be sure they are completely cool after self-cleaning, turn off the MOD for a few minutes.
Use two (2) of the included cotton pad wicks, or cut two (2) pieces of organic cotton pad using the included size template as a guide.
Be sure the ends of the wick are even with the sides of the deck by sliding the cotton pad wicking or cutting excess cotton from the ends of the wicks.
Pre saturate the wicking thoroughly with several drops of e-liquid.
Screw the deck and the tank assemblies together being careful to not cross thread the parts.
Remove the drip tip and slide the top cap in the direction of the arrow to reveal the e-liquid filling port.
Fill the tank with e-liquid, do not overfill. Close the top-cap and replace the drip tip, check for leaks.
If needed use a damp towel to clean any excess e-liquid from the outside of the tank.
Install the tank onto your Joyetech MOD, turn it on, and enjoy just like your other tanks, only better.

Image Re-wicked

More information:
Including test reports

Test reports:
Test reports (Emission report charts) from the Joyetech website show the following:

  • Formaldehyde: 14
  • Acetaldehyde: 8
  • Acrolein: 0.3
  • Chromium: 0.71
  • Nickel: 0.02
  • Antimony: 0.005
  • Cadmium: 0.002
  • Lead: 0.015
  • Arsenic: 0.01

Comparison chart of RFC in green with regular metal coil in blue

The test information indicates the RFC heat element to be much safer than other standard coils.

The information above is for information purposes only and is not necessarily the opinions of Joyetech.

My opinion:
This is really a fantastic idea; the cost to re-wick the RFC is really quite small, not that a regular RTA is costly to re-wick, but this takes maybe less cotton. I do not habitually use a RTA or a RBA, so I can’t really estimate the difference in the time between re-wicks. I have just always been sold on factory coils for the simplicity. I get 2 or 4 tanks with the RFC before I feel the need to re-wick so about 14ml. I can tell by the taste and discoloration of the cotton wick ends when to re-wick. It is simple to re-wick, just cut 2 cotton pads and drag them with tweezers from side to side between the RFC elements. It has been a little bit of a learning curve to re-wick and to cut my own cotton, but for the most part I estimate the width and length, drag 2 pads into place, and if they are too long trim the ends. I had leaks when I only put one pad into it for the wick. And I did go through most all the supplied pads just learning to use the RiftCore DUO. There is a slight learning process but the flavor and vapor quality, and cloud is pretty good, so I have no complaints. I think I have gotten pretty good at re-wicking and it only takes a couple of minutes to clean, re-wick, and fill the tank. For that reason I will use this device both in daily use and when testing e-liquids.

Release date is June 15 2018.


I suppose you can’t vape this in TC and you can scortch your cotton with it ( I can see it glow in the pics). This is something I don’t like very much, but otherwise I really like the concept. I’d really like to try the final version.

When it comes to vapor production and flavor, is there anything you can compare it with? What’s a good power range to vape this at? Resistance? Sorry, I’m too lazy to follow all the info links :slight_smile:

I am told the RFC is made out of a conductive ceramic material and is safer than wire.

I’ve seen these claims before… would still like to see some other independent testing on it.

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I just run it in VW mode set to 45W it’s suggested wattage is 40-50W, I could get it to run in TCR mode without bumping out on my GeekVape Aegis, but the conductive material is not SS Ti or Ni, so I did not try those settings and I had to run the TCR setting way up. The flavor is very good, especially right after switching the wicks. It is as good or better than any of my tanks using factory coils.

I popped a request for the complete MSDS from CPST Testlabs but they have not yet responded.

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Thanks bro, great review. I might end up buying this for my sister. She’s not into rebuilding and uses stock coils but this might be simple enough even for her to get her head round and save her some money on coils. :+1:


It is pretty easy, just a slight learning curve (use 2 pieces of cotton).


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I’m sure the wicking bit will be a slight learning curve, especially for people trying different hings like rayon, cotton bacon, organic cotton pads…
But it’s so bloody easy. No tools needed besides a pair of scissors!
And here I was thinking that evolution in vaping had stagnated :smiley:

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Muji organic cotton pad + 5mm x 18mm size guide + scissors + tweezers.
Vaping I think still has some room to evolve :wink:

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They hid that info about using two pads very well. :grinning: I love the RWTA, that should stick! It wicks a little odd with Cotton Bacon I have to say, you definitely have to play around with it a bit to behave. Your info is fantastic @CosmicTruth, I love this! :+1:


Cotton bacon would be a trick :smile:
use the cotton pads:

cut them with the little size guide (included)

make 2:

wick by sliding sideways between the heat elements:

trim if needed:


takes 2 minutes or less, and I rinse the tank if i’m changing flavors :smile:


Thanks everyone who replied here, I was getting lonely.


OK, I’m actually sending mine for you to rewick now.


You can do it Silly :smile:
and TBH I’m actually having good luck cutting my own pads, partly because I ran out of the supplied pads so quick. The pads are cheap, you get a big huge stack for a few bucks.
I find the flavor to be the best if I just add a little e-juice, no overfilling. about 2 droppers full in the bottom of the reservoir.

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@CosmicTruth great review, simple and straight to the point. Any ideas on possible price point in June ? I’m more interested in the tank set-up itself more so than the “Kit” I realize release date is a couple of weeks ago & I’m sure they only give limited info. Any indication on replacement"coils"/ heating elements etc… I see they are supposed to last for quite a long time,as long as you self clean etc…I must say that I do like the image in my head of a nice set of “ceramic” flat heating elements that do evenly heat. Just curious to as if they gave any extra information on the tank/heating elements.


If they really last for a million puffs… would you ever need to replace them? That is really a lot of puffing lol
By the time you reach that number, I’m sure something better will be available. This is emerging technology and it’s looking good. Other companies are bound to experiment and bring their own versions out too and maybe even tanks that can stand higher power :slight_smile:


I’d probably end up replacing my upper diaphragm due to taking a million puffs lol
It does sound to be a great technology movement, your :100: correct I’m sure they’ll be a smaller, more cost effective way of charging(solar) & coil life, that comes with flava for days heating elements, that’ll last for 2 million vapes ++++ with a clip on heating elements that you’ll be able to adjust your own OHMs to your liking without having to worry about Ohms law due to your elements will only ohm to a safe ohm to battery or solar charging system.The imagination just runs wild. Lol


Looks like a great tank, I just looked it up on joytech.usa and it’s $75.99 I think I’ll wait a little while before I get one.


YES it is listed for a LOW LOW LOL $76.00 at Joyetech US I think they may adjust that some before release, has them listed for preorder about $48.00.

No other information is given yet, after release I bet places like Fasttech will have replacements as they come into demand. My elements are not showing signs of wear.


Agreed we know how the pre release price fluctuates then depending on sales the price drops some after release, then is when I’ll be able to save for one.
Thanks to you guys for seeing and commenting on my review,

I agree! it is fun to be a new technology test animal :smile:


Awesome the elements holding out. Please keep me posted on longativity etc… Sounds very interesting.


I got ahold of a copy of the entire MSDS for the RiftCore DUO Heat elements. To me it does not look too bad, similar to what you would see with any MSDS of this type, The element would be very difficult to manufacture, workers would have to use PPE to protect themselves from Aluminum Nitrate, Aluminum Oxide, and other Rare Earth Metals. The document is in a PDF so I’m not sure how to upload it yet. But if anyone is interested PM me and i’ll send you a copy, or i’m sure it is about to become widespread public available, the kids on reddit are freaking slam out haha. But those dorks wouldn’t know a hazard it if bit them on the leg.