Better search functions and anti-recipe-spamming

Is it possible to add a search function that allows users to search by ‘most commented’ recipes?

Also can a limit be set on how many recipes users can post per day? I see many users abusing the forum and submitting a whole bunch of recipes in one go. Maybe users with higher ratings and followers can earn the right to post more than one recipe a day.

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Sort by number of comments? Sounds interesting.

If someone joins the site who has a collection of recipes that they want to add, it does look a bit spammy when they add a ton in one go, but I don’t think it’s actually discouraged, and in my opinion I don’t see any reason to discourage this.


I usually only mix once a month so one a day would never work.
Each monthly session I edit some recipes and usually throw in five or six new recipes.
Plus I like seeing what new members add here in bulk. If they have a couple interesting recipes I tend to follow them. Would hate to discourage users from posting more new creative recipes.
Also agree with what he said :point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2:


Every time I have looked at the “new” recipes being posted, they are duplicates of someone else. Too many people are not keeping their adapted recipes private.


The search idea is interesting. IIRC the sorting algorithm used is more complex than just simply sorting by number of ratings. I believe it also takes into account comments and maybe other magical factors I’m not aware of. :wink:

I don’t think limitations on number of recipes posted is practical. I know a lot of people (me included) will mix up a bunch of recipes at once, test them, and then make them public when testing is done if they’re ‘good enough’. Sometimes that is a lot and sometimes not so much depending on how lucky I got. LoL.

I do believe there are plans for making it so that if someone adapts a recipe and only changes things like nic strength and/or PG/VG ratio, it can’t be made public. I think it’ll also be retroactive, which will help a lot with duplicate recipes.


Time for the Happy Dance!


I do understand that new users on the site might not necessarily be new mixers, but for new mixers on the site, it becomes difficult to be able to tell the good recipes from the bad ones…maybe a “reputation points” system might be more effective than posting limitations?

I’m not sure how easy it is to implement such changes, just throwing ideas out as a new user myself.

Not so much anti recipe spamming as per this thread but it seems that people could possibly be creating multiple accounts to up vote their recipes to get them higher up the search results. If it is happening, (one account has made this stick out to me) then it sort of spoils the community spirit of ELR for me…

p.s I know there is a word for this sort of thing, but mind has gone blank.

Ballot-stuffing? Send the account to Lars in a PM and he can investigate and possibly terminate the account(s).