Beware of this Vendor

I ordered from and entered my typical info, then placed my order. I then noticed that my order was being shipped to god knows who to somewhere in Tennessee (in case you haven’t guessed, I live in Florida). I immediately emailed the company w/ my order number to correct the shipping info. I noticed there was a 2nd email address w/ the Visa payment, so I wrote that address, too. After 24 hours I received no response, so I wrote again. And again. I waited patiently, JUST in case they received my emails and had re-directed my order. It never arrived. Fortunately, I had paid w/ Visa so I could dispute the order. (I’m glad I paid w/ Visa instead of PP - I’ve heard they’re not the easiest to deal w/ in these circumstances).

btw - I tried logging onto the site a couple of weeks later to see if I could track my order, and it said I didn’t have an account. This place is bad news.


Sorry to hear this. I never heard of them. I poked around the website and noticed a few red flags. The “About us” info isn’t filled out. Half the items say “Vape Sourcing”. Really? Items sold out that probably should’nt be. Items in stock that have been hard to get for years. They say copyright 2018. And I can’t get past any of the page 1’s. Maybe a browser issue? I’m not going to bother to try it on another browser. It appears to be a fake scam site. @FL_Vaper thanks for the warning. Again sorry about your order. I’ll be optimistic that you may get a response and find a resolution.


Thanks for the heads up man. Pay Pal isn’t too bad but probably harder than a credit card company. I’m not sure but if you had paid with pay pal you more than likely would get your cashback. Unfortunately, it can take up to two weeks. I have disputed more than one “rip off” site and got my money back every time.

That is my experience. It may not be the norm.


Thanks for the heads up @FL_Vaper, and more importantly the DETAILS.


Thanks @FL_Vaper. They’re on my Black List now.