Bfb straight out of the toaster

my first post, I am looking for a straight out of the toaster recipe, it is made by flawless

Never heard of it. Can you give some insight on what kind of flavor notes it may* contain? If a recipe doesn’t exist on here, already, we can certainly try to help you nail one down :slight_smile:

it taste just like a Pillsbury strawberry toaster strudel with vanilla icing, the strawberry inhale strudal exhale, it is faint straberry and stronger on strudel flavor

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If you asked me were to start…welp. Pick a highly rated strawberry cheese cake recipie. Then for strudely flavors work with combinations of joy FA and biscuit INW. Could even be a bit of a waffle.

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don’t forget the cream cheese icing!

found this, I was looking for a strudel as well, did you find anything? Please share if you did :slight_smile: