BIG baby beast rebuildable coil

We have 26ga2 + 30ga ss fused clapton wire
2 + 30ga ss fused clapton wire
How many wraps gives a higher resistance? ( from my understanding: higher restistance means below 1. Ohms and lower resistance means above 1. Ohms)
Question: what is the primary difference between the gauges of wire we have

Higher resistance is going to be a higher ohm rating ex… 1ohm has a higher resistance value than .3ohms. Your 26g build will have a lower resistance value than the 28g of the same build

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Adding more wraps on any build will add more resistance

Okay. Thankyou.
Less wraps with a fatter wire reads at a lower ohm
I really appriciate the clarification

No problem. It may help to think of ohm as a measurement of resistance. A 0 ohm circuit has no resistance.

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My husband i read through pages of conflicting data. I knew the knowledge base of this site would give me accurate, timely reponses.

You can check everything about wire and ohms here


Do you have any trouble with it showing “no atomizer” when you use the rebuild able head? I’ve had that problem with two baby beast tanks before I gave up.

They have shorted a couple times, that was just human error. We just kept getting sporadic readings and it was frustrating.

I would suggest using the site @Josephine_van_Rijn suggested. just go in to the coil making location, then play around with it, start by putting in what your target Ohm is you want, and what inner diameter you like. Then start selecting different wire you have and see how the number of wraps change around, do the same thing with moving the target Omh around slightly after you have your wire selected to see what happens when you use more or less wraps. It will help you understand how different wires and build sizes are setup.


Exquisite advice. I will have my husband play with it. I tried and failed miserably.
Im better with the juice making :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thanks @Josephine_van_Rijn

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What is the best build for flavor and ramp up time. Right now I have dual 30g - 36g fused Clapton’s in my big baby rebuildable running .18 to .23 ohms depending on the juice at 65 to 90 watts. I am getting great flavor but until I chain vape for a minute it takes 2 to 3 seconds to heat up. And I am new to this forum stuff like this is my first time. So you all are dealing with a virgin. I can build coils I just don’t understand them very much any help would be great.