BIG giveaway! (Ended)

1.Worry about miss your RDA screws and screwdriver?? Here comes a AMPUS 25mm screwless RDA, (Code: ATM15 for %15 off )simple built , no worry missing screws and screwdrivers
2.Want to try a series wire or coils?? Here also together come to win demon killer SS316 series wire and coil: 6boxes wire,6bottles coil and 1pc 6in1 coil
3.Also,you will win $30 coupon together. It will be good if you buy one item and we ship all together to you

A lot of vapes have good perfermance and price on AtouchMall !.
Like product name: Wotofo Flow Subohm Atomizer tank
1,Comment to us the name of vapes you think is the most suitable for his perfermance.
2,paste the product link after it.
3,tell us what we can do to make our site better

For example: Wotofo Flow Subohm Atomizer tank
I think your price is high or need more listing products

The vapes you choose should be from AtouchMall.
The more and details you comment, the more chances for you to be the winner!
It will be end 12:00 noon Hongkong time 4th Sep. We will pick only one winner on 5th Sep.

Nice days, my friends!:yum:


I think the wotofo stentorian would be a decent match for this!

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One thing to make your site better would be to list the price of the product in the first page and not after you select options and click buy now! You should see the price first!


Also think this 200watts vgod mod would a perfect fit for this rda! I’d like to see a giveaway for this lol!


Wotofo serpent smm rta
Cheaper prices are always an improvement


Augvape Druga RDA
Your site seems ok to me. Easy to navigate. Free shipping is a big plus.


I’ve been eying the Smoant Battlestar for a while now.


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 I do like the look of your website but there are a few things that could be better.
  1. The price could be better, I’ve seen the Smoant for at least $10 cheaper elsewhere.
  2. There is no box where you can put in the ATM15 discount code, unless I missed it and that means it should be more prominent.
  3. I made or tried to make an account and it said it had to be approved first, that was a few hours ago and I still can’t sign in because my account has not been approved.

Now most vapers are like children, when we see something we like, we want it and we want it now.
Making people wait for an account approval will mean they will go elsewhere and place an order there.


Well good luck. Last giveaway I entered and won I still haven’t received.


When did u win it? Was it @AtouchMall? I would certainly Pm and email if ya got it every single day until u get a tracking # at least. The way a giveaway should work is by having the gift sitting on a desk, packaged and weighed awaiting for the winners address to attach to!

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Smoant charon 218w
The site is kinda drab even the colors could use some sprucing up, all too boring, perhaps a dancing monkey somewhere would help the visual experience


I would possiblly like to try the vgod elite mech pro

I think there could be some more offerings in terms of DNA and yihi devices.

I would like to see better information on chip sets in the mods listed in the website.


Haha. You think that should be the case. The tracking number they gave me was for someone else’s package that was out for delivery and received. And the second one they gave me the package hasn’t even left the country.


I think it would be great on a Reuleaux

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#3, your site is Fine if we were still in 2003. But yes, it would help if you got a UI designer involved - no hamburger menus !
@worm1, No Dancing Monkeys ! Dancing bananas ok, monkeys, no.

  1. Vandy Vape Mesh RDA
  3. Site looks good. Prices easily seen, hover/drop down menus easy to understand, breadcrumb navigation good, and as others have said, free shipping is great.
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Vaporesso SWAG 80W Mod Kit with NRG SE Tank
adopt innovative IML technology, which is powered by single high-rate 18650 battery and the maximum output can be reached to 80W

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Nice combination w/ this one: GeekVape AEGIS 100W TC Box Mod
Larger font for old people like me.

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  1. Ijoy Genie - Its so ugly that it is beautiful. Big button for old people hands and simple design. More than enough power to drive any coil you put in it with that RDA.
  3. Now keep in mind, you asked:
    A. Grammar/punctuation: Some of it is funny, as my poor grammar oft is, but some of it is confusing. Maybe bribe some folks with an atty or mod to proof read it.
    B. Payment Options: These should be noticeable on each page, very few sites do this and i find it quite frustrating. If i have to search too long i go to another site.
    C. Better Images: I looked at 3 tanks and 3 RDAs but only saw a good shot of the deck on one of the products. Oft times the deck is the most important component for me.

Thank you for the giveaway. :slight_smile: