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Big Giveaway of OVNS JC02

  1. So that I could participate in your photo contest
  1. And potential win $1,400 in Prize Cash

Are there any “complications” that need to be considered in this specific giveaway? Or are things ‘good to go’?

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The intro text seems to want people to do something externally (away from ELRF). The three first rules indicate that no external actions are necessary.

The fourth rule is bending the rules. @ElegoMall.com should announce the winner in this thread where it belongs.


1). Wow! The JC02 is very small in size. That is cool :sunglasses:

2). It has a chain attachment :+1:

3). Great looking side panels :100:

1 I’m in!!

2 I like it

3 Cool pod

nice things in the first message picture!

Hope to catch the prize

Good luck everyone!

Very nice looking pod.

1 I like this kit

2 Awesome design

3 Good luck to all!

1 I am so in!!!

2 Cool kit!

3 Thank you for the giveaway!