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Big Giveaway of OVNS JC02

Hope to catch the prize

Good luck everyone!

Very nice looking pod.

1 I like this kit

2 Awesome design

3 Good luck to all!

1 I am so in!!!

2 Cool kit!

3 Thank you for the giveaway!

1 Wow! Cool kit!

2 amazing contest!

3 I like this kit

I’m kinda intrigued, here. Like the contest has 2 separate halves. THIS part of the contest is for the OVNS JC02 prize… then once you have one (buy or win it) you can THEN enter the photo contest with the pod showing in your photo, with the potential prize up to $1400. Bit confusing, but just wanted to make sure I understand properly… they’re not giving one of us in this thread 1400. lol But prize is a cute pod. :wink:

And cute resin look! I’m not a huge ‘pod’ person, but I could get behind a cute colorful tiny stealthvape in resin.

and that’s all 3 for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

1 Amazing kit

2 Cool contest

3 Thank you for the giveaway

1 cool pod

2 great giveaway