Big Insig's all day E-liquid - Canadian - No added sweetener

Hello friends,

Just wanted to thank the community for helping me go pro!
Over the past year or so, my brand has been taking shape in local B&M’s, and the time has finally come!

My name is BIG INSIG and this is my all day e-liquid line!

I’m based out of Burlington, Ontario here in Canada. I’ve now moved production to Theory Labs out of Saint Catherines. My 3 flavour line has now moved from plastic to glass, and is manufactured and bottled in an IOS 8 laboratory.

I started the line because of over-sweetened brands ruining my wicks and coils. It’s not well documented but I believe coil crust is carcinogenic and of course kills flavour. That being said, I wanted to craft a line of desert and fruit flavours without sweetener!

I would love some feedback, and if you’re in Canada, order a couple bottles using the coupon code “ALLDAY” for $5 OFF and free shipping.

Thanks again for everyone’s help in this community, could not have done it without your encouragement and knowledge. :slight_smile:



As a fellow Canadian I wish you luck, I seriously hope you do well.
You have some interesting juice there.

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Appreciate it!
If you’re tight with any B&M’s drop my name :slight_smile:
Also, if you’ve got any feedback on the site, it’s very much appreciated, just put it up a couple days ago.

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The bottle size should be shown with the bottles other then having to put it in a shopping cart to see.

I’ve got it in the description above the VG/PG, maybe I should move it to the top for visibility?

I will have another look at your site tonight


Yep, this must release carbon deposits as it is essentially burning, something you dont want in a “vape”.

Site looks awesome, liquids look good, price is about right.

I wish you all the best with your venture in 2017.

P.S. Isnt it an ISO lab not IOS lab?


I’m a goddamn idiot… printed wrong on bottles too… OH WELL, only about 200 left of this run LOL!
Thank you very much for pointing this out to me. +1

edit: thanks for the nice comments too :slight_smile:


Oh dear lol

NP man have a good one, merry christmas

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Someone’s far too involved with Apple products I dare say… Rofl

I never would have guessed E-Liquid would one day be powered by an Apple OS!

OK, ok. Seriously. Congrats on going after your dream!

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lol i deserved that.

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The website looks nice and clean. Good job.