Big Mouth Concentrates Any Good?

A local B&M store close to me has just opened and is stocking a small amount of the range of Big Mouth concentrates. Has anyone tried these and have any views on them positive or negative. As they aren’t the cheapest concentrates I have seen, although they are sold in 30ml rather 10ml sizes

Mainly seems to be a brand available in Europe at the moment.

I’m not au fait with it, I’ve never seen a b&M with concentrates. mind you, where I live I have to drive 1/2 hour to the nearest vape shop.

i tried thier oreo cookie flavor, not for me, definetly wont buy again. but on the other hand thier monster engery version is quite good for me.
but i dont have much flavor expierence, i think its some flavor in the oreo i cant stand…

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