Big RTA Showdown 2015 | 11 RTA Battle | One Winner


Saved to watch later but looks interesting. :ok_hand:

Same! :slightly_smiling:


Wow. His descriptions are interesting and echo a lot of what many say here. . .but one must wonder how he came up with that order. I hope it’s not a spoiler to say that the Aromamizer is #4 and the Crius #1? (His white Crius has the same issue as my black one, except mine was also bent and weeps a little from the joint. . .and you guys know that I hold grudges.) Had he paid for the white one his ordering might be different.

His Billow V2 still has the inner chamber. Isn’t it also interesting that he sort of grudgingly hails the Bellus? Haha. I think anyone that has gotten one firing on all cylinders knows exactly that feeling It has some very nice features and is basically a dripper with a large juice capacity. . .but it sucks to build. prima donna, that tank.