Big Tobacco/Philip Morris ~ Killing the world softly with their song

This is what makes me angry about big tobacco and their thought process… it’s all about the money they can make while their customers are still alive to buy their product.

Quote from the article:

But even if health groups don’t trust Philip Morris’s moral reasons or scientific claims on IQOS, there are compelling business reasons to believe it really wants to save smokers’ lives, industry analyst Michael Lavery said.

“If you can find a way to keep your consumer alive longer,” he said, “you’ll make more money off them. It’s a better business model.”

Who is Mr. Lavery?

An investment bank and asset management firm stooge.

… follow the money! :rage:


the easiest prediction, it uses crystalline/ammoniated nicotine to give you that psychologically addictive “rush like a cigarette…” and suddenly Vaping is saving lives? Sociopaths at the Gate


Plus all the other shit they add to their tobacco which will harm you smokeless or not.
This doesn’t surprise me though, they’ve been looking to take over the vaping industry for a long time now and their smokeless product is probably going to cost more than regular cigarettes so they will rake in the money.
This is why they have been pushing for regulation on vaping products and expensive testing by the FDA, they can afford the tests and have plenty of money to grease the wheels.


Need to keep the barn door closed on this stuff.

Hi folks !

Just thought I would play the ‘devils advocate’ here for a minute.

You might initially react to the next few paragraphs with horror and “oh my Gosh, what is he saying !!!”. But read the following with an open mind.

  • Speaking from the standpoint of a chemist who is also a dedicated vaper, and one that is very interested in NETs and the follow on kitchen chemistry that is a part of the NET world (WTAs and Purified Alkaloid chemistry, Ethyl Alcohol extractions, and other solvent extractions in all their ramifications: Hot: Cold: Extended, PG, etc. etc. Steeping reactions, etc. etc… ) my point view about the ongoing research done by Big Tobacco is this:

  • The more Science that is funded and done by them the better!

I understand that the interpretation of the science, by Big Tobacco, will be what is know as “Junk Science”, but that is OK, because those of us that care about the subject matter will read the original research papers and draw very valuable information from it. Information that will save the kitchen chemist years of experimental time.

One of the big pieces of the puzzle that will be forever missing and is unapproachable to us kitchen chemists and DIY mixologists is the precise and analytical examination of the molecular components in tobacco and other vape extractions and flavorings and reactions that take place in our experimental quest for the ‘perfect flavor / the perfect vape’. The reason we can’t go there but Big Tobacco can is that the lab setups and the instrumentation machinery is very expensive. A lab that can do this type of work represents a multi million dollar effort.

So let’s let them fund it, and we can take from it much that will serve us well. It will be sort of a ‘free-ride’ on the Big Dollar chemistry funded by Big Tobacco.

I am all for it !



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That’s quite true. And I expected comments along this line. But here is the deal: (to trade a few more trite turns of phrase…:wink: ) “The horse is already out of the barn…” -and " Doesn’t to any good to slam the barn Door closed after the horse is out…" -and “what’s going to happen is going to happen”

The bottom line is we (vapers) will have to live through some tough times ahead, so my only point is to be smart about it and to take whatever might be the benefits from the war. I think the multi mullion dollar research effort might have some nuggets of gold buried under the rubble and ruins of war. Let’s dig through it and see what we can find…


I didn’t know I was that predictable :wink: :crystal_ball:


My biggest problem with allowing BT to do the studies is the spin. Sure, they’ve got the bags of cash to do the work for us. They’ve also got a healthy part of their budget devoted to spin and lobbyists, and that is ultimately what is killing us in DC. It doesn’t matter how many studies have been done that show just how much better vaping is than smoking-there’s an army of people that have already decided nicotine=evil, in whatever form that nicotine is delivered. Add to that the lobby groups from BT and BP, and we’ve got fuck-all chance of actually making these dunder-headed nincompoops from seeing the light.


another thing i dont know , please enlighten me , i hate when i dont know these things

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There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, AKA the first rule of Economics(At least, that’s what my grade 10 Econ teacher taught, and about the only thing I remember from that class)


i should have known that its the first thing we were told about in a practical law class i took 20 years ago lol


I was actually taught it as TINSTAAFL, but it’s basically the same thing. Maybe her’s is the Southern version?:grinning:

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It’s the Robert. A. Heinlein version :grin: