BILLOW V2. what yall think of it?

Has anyone tried this tank. I’ve been looking at this for some time now. Just seeing what yall think of this one ?

I have a big buddha. And i love the deck to build with and has great flavor. The airflow is to tight on the first one. But i found a V2 of it ,and the airflow is supposed to be bad ass. But i can’t seem to find one to buy

It’s one of my absolute favorite tanks. @Pro_Vapes just tipped us all, that you can use the tank without the coil barrel, so there’s plenty of build space!

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Sweet. I like that idea. Im sure even with the chimney on it. It still has a decent deck to build on.

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The chimney is still there - the barrel is just an extra cylinder that goes inside the chimney :smiley:

Anyway, it’s a top notch tank that looks great to boot!

Ive had my eye on one of these too… its on my shopping list (along with the shit ton of other stuff I want to buy!.. it never ends!). @jimk’s done a really great review… dont know how to link it but just search billow v2.

Awesome tank one of my top 3👌

Stays on my DNA 200. I have it configured as the shorty version. It’s definitely a top tank. My only gripe is the bottom fill, but I don’t need to fill this one as often anyway. There is something I really like about the shape. Mine has a tiny leak, but it’s easy to overlook on a great tank.

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I’ve got a question about it… I’ve heard mention of the odd leak issue. Is this a practical tank to take “out and about”, or is it better left at home?..

I’d have no problem leaving the house with mine!


Cheers daath! thx!


For me it was TFV4 or billow V2. I know I’ve seen a lot of good on the TFV4. But i think Billow V2 may have won :slight_smile:


I own 4 Billow V2’s; use them every day. I’d like 2 more.

By far, the easiest tank to clean and rebuild I have ever owned. Some folks get unduly bent because of the center post deal; while installing the second coil, their wire not being able to clear the first coil. To them I say, practice makes perfect; there IS a way to do it…figure it out. :thinking:

Leaking? Not on me. This points to a wicking issue…figure it out. :thinking:

Another thing I like about the Billow V2…there’s a 5mm deep well below the air intake holes. This is great for catching condensation blow back vapor. I use the nano kit all of the time; I like low profile tanks and the 3ml juice capacity doesn’t afront me in the least; take them to work on a daily basis.

I still stand by my 10/10 rating on this tank. :+1:


Okey dokey, I’m SOLD!.. [quote=“Jimk, post:13, topic:37284”]
I still stand by my 10/10 rating on this tank
[/quote]Thats good to know… I was actually wondering if u did, coz theres been a heap o hooplah about a few tanks since u wrote your review - thought there might have been one come along to knock it off its perch by now…


Now, I do have to say, since I don’t know what type of coils you twist, I could be leading you towards something you might not like. I’m a simple coil kinda guy; 26ga to 28ga; yes, all types of wire, but simple single wrap coils with an ID of nothing larger than 2.5mm. Anything larger or bulkier and you might risk a short to the shroud.

I’ve read of people not using the shroud. The shroud provides a seal at the top of the chimney to keep the juice, should there be an abnormal amount floating around in the chamber, from coming out of the mouthpiece. Perhaps folks which don’t use the shroud have their wicking figured out for this scenario.

My mod spends a lot of time in a horizontal position, thus, I incorporate the shroud with my set up. Works for me.

When I find something that works for me, I’ve learned to stick with it and ignore all the hoopla about other new tanks. Nine times out of ten, folks will gosh buy the latest atomizer, only to realize after they have had it for X long, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be (cough Smok TFV4 cough).

I enjoyed my Billow V1’s very much, so I knew that EHPro was going to do the Billow V2 up right…and they did.

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LMFAO! I havent heard any grumbles about that one yet, but I have about the Crown - for me, that was the V2’s main competition…until the recent arrival of the Cirus, but I’ll just let the dust settle around that one for a while. For now, it’ll be a V2…or 2 - maybe a tall one & short one!
Thanks for sharing your experience Jim.

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I like the Billow v2 a lot. It’s one of my faves also, but it like most tanks has it short comings too. Some may make it sound as if it’s tops of all tanks… It’s not. You should be fully informed.

It’s build quality is top notch. Very reliable when it’s properly built.
It produce great vapor and flavor.
It looks good.
Holds plenty eliquid

Very tight build deck when using the coil barrel. Also limit your wire gauge selection.
Bottom fill only
Very small four post hole design. A PITA to mount coils.
Snaps wires when tightening post screws.
Screws backs out of post holes.

It’s a great tank when it’s built correctly, but it can be a pain until you figure it out. Especially if you are not an experienced builder.
Some newer tanks has fixed these cons that I posted for the Billow v2.

I own 2 Billow v2s and I have figured out these issues and how to work around them making it better than standard issue.


A wise choice. :+1:

Therein lies the rub. :wink:


Guess I’ll be upping my build skill …pronto. Aint such a bad thing!