BILLOW V2. what yall think of it?

I have heard this (Basardo’s review), & I cant say it hasnt been a pre-purchase concern.
Is it that the edges of the bottom of the post screws are too sharp? Could this be fixed by taking to them with an emery board/nail file or similar?

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Yup! I found that dulling the ends of the screws with all my atomizers using some fine grit silicon carbide abrasive sandpaper works like a charm to reduce wire snapping issues. However, sometimes you will run into issues concerning where the screw bottoms out on the posts. There might be a small divot in the metal where the screw lands…this divot has sharp edges all the way around; haven’t found a way to sand those edges down yet! :triumph: Until then, I’m just careful how tightly I land the screws on the wire. :smirk:

With smaller gauge wire, you have to be a bit more careful in this scenario.

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Beudy mate!:+1:

[quote=“Jimk, post:22, topic:37284”]
haven’t found a way to sand those edges down yet!
[/quote]Idk, but maybe theres a teeny tiny Dremmel bit that’d fit in there?..(not that you’d on the Dremmel…)


Wel we will find out. I got one coming. Billow V2 fir me lol. Plus 18 new flavors coming as well lol


I’ve come realize this is a much better tank without the coil barrel. Without the coil barrel it freeze up much needed space to build whatever you like in a tank that restricted your build options before. With the use of lowerer gauge wire it also resolved the issue of snapping wires that I had using .5mm soft Ti. Using a larger ID coil also allows for more cotton that eliminate dry hits. Now there is no compression on the wicking. It’s really free flowing… much better than before. I can crank this sucker up and get mad vapor and flavor. If anyone is concerned about leaking when it’s in a horizontal position, I haven’t had any issues at all with leaks.

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Am i reading this right. You have a 0.5mm coil? What gage. Thats a big coild diameter

Prior to removing the coil barrel I only used .5mm Ti wire, 2.5mm ID. Very soft wire and it easily snapped when I tightened the screws.
Without the coil barrel I use 22g Ti, 2.5mm ID contact coils. No wire snapping anymore and other advantages too.
The best part of is if you don’t like it you just put the coil barrel back in continue as before.

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Oh ok. Now im on the same page. I was thinking .5 ID lol. Well i get mine Friday or Saturday. Thats cool you don’t need the barrel. That would give lots of play room to build with. Lots of cotton i asume so it won’t flood

This is how I wicked it…

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Sweet. The biggest ti i can find is 24g. That looks good.

A lot of us have been gettin our wire from here with no problems so far.

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Since my leak is from the oring seal between the AFC side of the housing and the tank I guess i’m going to need your help in figuring out what the hell that has to do with the wick. It’s a small leak, more of a weep. It doesn’t prevent me from carrying it, but it’s a tad annoying.

Also been meaning to tell you that your description of the perique is spot on with the ‘rotten jalepenos.’

Do you mean where the tank screws onto the base?

Yup, the only thing you undo for a refill. It weeps probably 1.5 drops a day; just enough to be annoying.

That’s unfortunate. I can say, none of mine have ever developed a leak such as you are describing. Perhaps you have a damaged O-ring at that seal?

The leaking in which I was referring to would be juice coming out of the air intake holes or the mouthpiece.

I want to replace the screws on my Billow v2…any suggestions??

I just got mine today. And yup they super super small. Even my smallest Philips wouldn’t fit lol. So good question

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For me it’s the build quality that I like best and since I took out the coil barrel it opened up the ability to use low gauge wire. [quote=“sillyrabbit, post:2386, topic:14178”]
The deck had screws in it that i couldn’t hardly even see.
It’s a definite con for this tank. Some has overhyped it. Once you get use to building it, it’s solid tho. I use my white crown screw driver for those little screws.

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I will say this. For the build i have in here. And the wicking. This thing is doing really good. At . 0.26ohms at 45 watts. Its got great flavor and decent vapor. And no matter how long i draw on it. Its never a dry hit.

It’s definitely a step in the right derection. I will see how the crown is. What is your favorite tank right now ?