Birch Beer?

Anybody had any success, or even dabble in making a Birch Beer e-juice?
There are a few extracts for the home-brew crowd (which I am a member of) and the soda makers, but I’m leery trying to vape using these extracts.

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I’ve never had birch beer, but from what I read about it, sounds pretty good.

I’ve been experimenting with a few new flavors as of late trying to hit on a Drambuie mix (still working on that one😔); perhaps a couple of them will fit the bill for your birch beer.

ECX - Angelica

ECX description is ok, but this flavor does not have a overbearing gin or juniper flavor…herbal, yes, but it is a very delicate flavor and one which will be overpowered with stronger flavors in the mix.

ECX - Yunyan

Whoever wrote the ECX description of Yunyan was smoking crack.

Here is my take on the Yunyan:
This tobacco has a sweet herbal, mellow but bright evergreen or juniper-ish flavor. The maple, as described on the ECX website, is way in the back, if at all. Kind of a flavor taste bud stumper to tell the truth. There’s a bit of a cooling effect on the inhale as well; might go well with white or light brown liquor flavors. Tested at 4%, nice, but will mix at a lower percentage. Don’t get above 5% or you will start to get a men’s cologne kind of flavor.

Hangsen - Beer

This flavor is pretty much a dead ringer for a beer taste. I haven’t tried the ECX version yet, but if it beats Hangsen, I’d be surprised.

Good luck! :wink:

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