Bitter exhale

Hey guys,

Newbie here. Just got on the train and started DIYing ejuice.

The issue I’m having is a bitter exhale on my homemade juices. I like to keep it simple, so it’s a 50/50 1.5mg strawberry mix (6% TPA Strawberry ripe and 3% TPA Strawberry). Steeped one week. Shaken twice daily.

I tried vaping the VG on its own, and it was fine. The PG was bitter, but not too bad. I took a drop of the pg and put it on my tongue, and that’s when I tasted the bitterness that I’ve been vaping.The VG tasted fine (sweet). The juice tastes fine on the inhale, but there is a lingering bitter taste at the back of my mouth after the exhale. I’m using a Geekvape ammit RTA that gets cleaned after every juice swap. No spit back with my wicks either.

I ordered my supplies from diyvapesupplies here in Canada, as well as the nicotine base. The nicotine base was awful and just tasted harsh and peppery, so I changed it for another brand which solved that problem. Has anyone else had issues with them before?

And more importantly, is there any way to save my ejuices that taste bitter ?

As a side note, I doubt it’s a pg intolerance , because I still have some store bought 50/50 strawberry that is nice and smooth with no bitterness .



You probably got a bad batch of pg, cmiiw
If this is what happened, I dont think there’s any other solution except to buy another bottle of pg

To test, try vaping just your vg, and then your vg+pg (at a percentage that you usually used)


Ya i agree with @delltrapp if the PG was bitter then thats it…I get no taste at all from PG


Welcome to ELR @Thedude3489 It does sound like the PG is bad.


This happened to me when I first started DIY mixing and I couldn’t pin down what was causing it until I asked in a mixing group and what it turned out to be was because I was not shaking my PG before using it, in fact I was told to shake everything before mixing and it’s become part of my normal routine now. I was also getting hot spots in my nicotine and that stopped happening. This might or might not be the cause of your problem but I just thought it was worth mentioning my own experience on this matter.


@Thedude3489 Looks like some folks have already given some good advice as to bad PG being the probable cause. Just want to welcome you to the forum. There are some very knowledgeable folks here who are willing to share and darned fine people. I hope your issue is the PG because that is an easy fix. If your juices taste better with different PG, just dump the bad stuff.


Thebrokevaper (ON) and diy-ejuice (BC) are both quality suppliers that I’ve used for years. Dashvapes has free shipping at $35


Thanks for the reply’s guys! And thank you all for the warm welcome. I’ll order some new PG and take it from there!


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @Thedude3489
I’m going withthe rest of 'em and bet your PG needs to be replaced. Good luck!


Hey guys, just a quick update! Ordered some PG from another vendor and did a quick batch (no steep), and what a difference. No bitter exhale!! Thanks for all the reply’s! And again, thank you for the warm welcome


Awesome…Very happy you found the problem


@Thedude3489 So glad you found the problem and that you are getting no bitterness from different PG. That is great news.