Bitter Wizard, Smooth, and MTS - any luck or advice?

I keep hearing that Bitter Wizard removes the base sweetness but don’t seem to taste a difference.

And MTS and Smooth seem kind of ineffective, but not sure I’m using them right or on the right problem or issue. I thought they might thicken a flavor for a more comfortable puffy vape, or reduce nicotine throat hit, but so far, I don’t taste much.

Any success stories?



I’ve had some limited use with MTS Vape Wizard. Smooth (TPA) is supposed to be similar. Mostly experimental but nothing real noteworthy. There was a Monster Melons clone that, after steeping 7 days, still punched my ass. Adding 1 drop MTS to 15ml bottle seemed to tame it a bit.
Sorry, I have nothing more concrete.


I used Smooth once to see what would happen to my TPA Egg Nog, because it’s heavy on the spice and I wanted to see if it would help bring out the noggy goodness. It was 1% Smooth to 10% Egg Nog, and it so totally muted everything that I haven’t tried to use it again. Maybe 1% was way too much?


I use Bitter Wizard in my menthol cig vape. I noticed it starts to work & remove the VG sweetness above 1%.

If you use Essential Depot VG maybe bump it up to 1.5%-2%. I’ve noticed their VG is sweeter than the other one I use from Bulk Apothecary.


I use mts in citrus heavy vapes. 1 drop per 10 ml will soften things up.


Yep :crazy_face:


Hehe, I used smooth at 5% in this clone that took me a year to develop. It tastes like sugar maple sap to me at that % as a single.

When I started on this recipe I didnt know what it was for. Ive now had a bottle of smooth for years and it looks ok. My bottle of vape wizard turned black in less than a year of storage in the same location.

MTS muted flavors for me, but I havent noticed smooth doing that. To me, aside from a slightly woody sweeteness, smooth doesnt do much. YMMV, hope thats of some use.


Bitter Wizard, generally from 0.3% to 2% - mostly in tobacco. Don’t usually want to remove the sweetness of VG in most other situations. Most other situations sour is going to work better to balance rather than bitter, but sometimes adding a touch of bitter to something that is sour can balance the sour/sweet/bitter on the palate.

MTS Vape Wizard - I tend to use this more in tobaccos that are a bit thin, and bakeries that need to have thickness bumped up or some harsh edges toned down. Can use up to 1% depending on how strong and how much flavoring you’ve used in the overall recipe 10% to 15% recipes can handle around 1% if you’re trying to thicken and mellow it. Use less if you have less than 10% total flavoring. I usually go 0.5% to 0.75% just to thicken.

TFA Smooth - I use this more in fruits and candies because it has a fruity note to it. I usually don’t go higher than 0.75% on this. Sometimes if it’s a bakery with fruit I’ll do 0.25% Smooth with 0.25% with 0.25% MTS wizard.

FA AAA Magic Mask works well at 0.15% and up to 0.75% depending on what you are trying tone down for sharp or acidic notes.


For me bitter wizard helped me find what I had been looking for to add that needed bitter effect on my tongue for many recipes, esp: candy sour vapes etc… I only like to use 1 drop per 30ml. Too much and I can tell over bitters what I was after.
Smooth is another example of how yes it does make throat hit softer for sure, example for me bubble gum always got me, so I started using .25% to .5% in gum and or cinnamon redhots, also higher levels of nicotine need smooth if vaping at high watts, anywhere from .25% to 1% IMHO… I never liked MTS wizard much myself always made me cough, dont like the structure of it after using in some recipes for awhile…

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I’ve had some trouble tasting Sour (TFA) believe it or not. Using it in a Starburst recipe and it’s not really popping.
Do you think Bitter Wizard would help any? Or maybe the sour is the wrong approach.

Yea, I’m in the same boat. Can’t get a thing out of sour. Maybe it’s a biological thing.

All I can say is for me when I want sour, now that Ive used and tested bitter wizard and sour wizard, both combined together for me produce a great bitter sour on my tongue, I can tell easily for me, but when too much sour and bitter used together I have noticed flavor muting and too much twang on the tongue that gets annoying after 1 or 2 days vaping it, so my advice would be to start 1 drop bitter wizard per 30ml. accompanied by 2 drops sour wizard per 30ml. then go from there…Also depends on what dominant main flavors you are using with to decide on % usage…Also some recipes work better only using 1 of the 2 wizards, and some recipes might work better with another flavor enhancer, this only what works for me, bitter makes all my fruits pop more for me…I love it myself…

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Gotcha! Will try your approach.