Black cherry flavor art 8% to strong?

Hi all i was wondering… I want to make a single flavor recipe just black cherry fa… It says in the flavor list that the average is 1.something, but the most used was 8% i was hoping to get some feedback if using 8% might be to much … I do like the flavor on the strong side but im afraid that might be to much.


8%. Yeah way too high. Don’t forget alll those great resources here on elr.


I use it just I use (FA) bilberry, extremely low in mixes. It’s not as strong as bilberry but it’s definitely one of the stronger onrs, that will just run over your other flavors like a bulldozer.

I personally never taken it above 1.5, (sft) because to me it gets very medicinal above that, but taste is subjective as usual.

So 8% is way to much as pointed out. If you wanted to sft it, I would start at 1%.

But then again, I don’t sft like that anymore due to horrible experience I had lol. I make multiple bottles starting as low as 0.10% and work up, till I find a percentage I like.


You can answer your own question simply by testing your flavors. And taking notes! If you’re unsure how to test your flavors there are 100’s of topics on that subject.
Ok, not 100’s…but there are definitely quite a few.