Black Licorice (FW) suggestions


I have the flavor black licorice by flavor west.
Have tried to mix it with rapsberry(sweet) tpa, but it does not really turn out that good. Does anyone have any suggestions for possible flavors that go well with this?

Thanks in advance!

There’s a list of flavours it’s commonly used with over on the recipe side :+1::grin:

ETA if you click on the recipes part on that page it might also give you some ideas.


Oh, thanks :relaxed:

Feel kinda stupid now :laughing:

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Nothing to be sorry for - we are all learning all the time :+1::grin:


Strawberry, and little cream and marshmallow. Done and done.


Black Licorice and Anise is magic for me. i also tried that combo with Grape and with Apple - and with both … but the affinity with Anise is just amazing for me

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Never tried with anise, will have to add that the next time i order :relaxed: