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Black Note NET - Cloned? Ripped off at Health Cabin?


Does anyone know if this stuff is genuine? Or has it been cloned and ripped off??
Health Cabin in China is claiming to sell Black Note products at 1/5th to 1/10th the price of the branded products from Black Notes factory website in the USA.

Here is the Health Cabin Page…


I chat with black note representative on their site, this was the chat

Sorry, I never print screen on desktop before.


But by saying that they’re saying that HC can do whatever he wants with our products… :rofl:


Maybe they’re stuck with them by a contract or something


There’s no telling what kind of screaming deal HC gets with BN?!? It could all be on the up and up… who knows?


Well we are going to find out, as I just pulled the trigger on the complete array of 10ml sample bottles.
I will report back when they arrive.

This comes at an opportune time as I was in the process of preparing taste test reviews on Black Note for publication here. Now that will be delayed until the China stuff arrives. but, hahaha, I am sure you can all wait a little longer for my juice reviews. As, anyway, my reviews are always received with flashing lights and sirens and a parade for me down main street as the Sheriff escorts me the the jail at the end of town. - (just ask @Smoky_Blue ) ROTFL - ::roll_eyes: