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Black Note NET’s burn coils almost immediately

Hello all, I am new to the forum. I have been back and forth between vaping and smoking for years and just recently have made the switch back to vaping using Black Notes NETs. While I love the subtle flavor and non sickly sweet vapor they provide, they for some reason will kill my coils sometimes within minutes or hours. Haven’t managed to have a coil last more than a day without tasting horrid. I have tried the caliburn g as well as the vaporesso pm 40 and both taste great for about 10-15 puffs and then go horribly burnt tasting. I am priming correctly and am not green to vaping in any sense. Last night I ordered the innokin aren 2 with some premade Mtl ss316l coils by coilology. I ordered the Vaporesso swag ii mod which is TC compatible in the hopes that using TC will alleviate the issues I have been having. I have had trouble finding decent information in regards to my particular issues with the Black Note NETs. Any info, tips and tricks would be extremely appreciated!

*I read a few comments in one of the forums by Kinnikinnick who seems beyond knowledgeable about the best builds for NETs but can’t seem to contact directly :frowning:


Hello @Wozzle and welcome to the forum. I, too, wish @Kinnikinnick would return to the forum but, alas, I will try to help you out. Blacknote is not really a good choice for NETs. They have the hype because they have Big Tobacco backing but fall short of the real deal for us real vapors. You’re on track with using MTL RTAs and I can refer you to a couple of NET experts. I highly recommend the following vendor for two reasons: Quality NETs and pricing.


The following vendor also has reasonable pricing and an expertise on NETs of various kinds including coffees and teas.

Personally, I think Blacknote is a waste of your precious vaping time. Commercial hype.

ETA: All NETs are coil killers but you should be able to get through more than minutes and hours. I usually go for about 3 days on a Kayfun at around 10-12W


Hi @Wozzle ,

I cannot offer any more advice than Muth already has but can say I completely agree about her statement on BLacknote NETS.
I bought into the hype but luckily only bought one of their sampler packs and similarly to you they destroyed my coils too, although not quite as quickly it would seem.
I could excuse that if any of the juice was worth it but it wasn’t.

After some prompting I have tried my hand at making my own NETS which I thought tasted better than Blacknotes and didn’t destroy the coils as quickly.
Nowhere near as professional as some do but good enough for me.
Literally just buying some tobacco, covering it in PG and leaving it to steep in a glass jar for 3 months or more.
Once the desired date has passed I just run it through some coffee filters a couple of times and hey presto DIY NET concentrate.

Personally I’ll never buy a commercial NET again and probably wouldn’t need to anyway as DIY produces a shed load.


Thank you both for the replies! I ordered some juice from the states website and will give that a try. I also ordered an rda to ease the process of coil/cotton changes. Just got done researching about DIY cold maceration and it doesn’t seem too terribly complicated! I am an obsessive tinkerer, so seems right down my alley. Thanks again for the helpful info and I look forward to the community forum.


Thank you for the info!


Chiming in, because I’ve been extracting NETs for a while and have a decent knowledge on them and tobaccos , even if I couldn’t define myself a huge fan of tobaccos, but I used to smoke the pipe and cigars and love experimenting and study all the insights of our world and of the things I invented is High Shear tobacco extraction, and it works with some very clean results! See below.

Not all NETs are coil killers, definitely not really clean, but if done with the right procedure they’re not much more then an off the shelf liquid filled with sucralose.

It’s a matter of type of extraction, extraction ratio, Filtering and getting rid of resins terpenes and odd things like that, e.g. a 1:1 ratio with 25 microns filtering and a single pass is bound to have resiidues and gunk the coil in just 2 mils, but if you go do multiple pass filtering, use micronized talc (trick of the trade) and down to 5 or even 2 microns you’re bound to have a clean liquid.

Below a coil after 10ml of a Montecristo N.4 extracted 1:5, filtered three times with 25-10-5 microns paper filters and micronized talc.

Not bad is it? To se how it’s done we made three videos about NET extraction with an homogenizer, explaining in depth on how to do it.

After years of experimenting this we’ve found is the fastest. One of our team used to do it with an ultrasonic extractor, but this way is cleaner, easy and fast.

Estrazione del tabacco con l’omogeneizzatore Parte 1 Natural Extracted Tobaccos with the homogenizer - YouTube
Estrazione del tabacco con l’omogeneizzatore Parte 2 Natural Extracted Tobaccos with the homogenizer - YouTube
Estrazione del tabacco con l’omogeneizzatore Parte 3 Natural Extracted Tobaccos with the homogenizer - YouTube

Otherwise you could try to find some NET made by La Tabaccheria or Vapour Cave or Stixx Mixx, SM is fairly clean but a bit on the weak side for my taste, I much prefer mine, but it’s a matter of personal preferences.

It’s a completely different world and quite exciting, now I’ve been able to get my hands on a 1964 Syrian Latakia leaf, guess what…

BTW Welcome to our family @Wozzle


Great info, I’ll check out the videos now. Just got done reading all 557 comments on @Kinnikinnick few year long forum regarding DIY NETs. Looks like I have a shopping list and a new hobby to pursue!


I would say that any store bought NET’s are coil killers thanks to it not being filtered good enough and also thanks to the added sweeteners they all tend to use to make people believe that the liquid is way better then it actually is. When it comes to NET’s and the sweetener combo it is way worse then normal juice with added sweetener and coils are suffering badly from it.

Going from Subohm tanks over to RTA’s or using RDA’s is one way to make your coils last a lot longer since you can clean those coils and re-wick them at any time which i’m sure helps tremendously to get a pleasant experience from using a NET.


Exactly what I was gonna say.


What he said ^^

Personally I wouldn’t use a manufacturers coil for a NET for those exact reasons.

My extremely basic method certainly doesn’t produce a completely clean concentrate and I was actually initially worried about pesticides and whatever else could be involved with making tobacco.
It was actually a member of another forum who gave me the prompt, explained the process to me and even sent me the tobacco etc out of the goodness of his heart.
Subsequently he’s sent me more tobacco and some of his NETs too.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal choice and tastes.
All I can say with complete honesty is that what I have created tastes as good, if not better, as any NETs that I’ve bought and I’m satisfied with the results.

If you enjoy NETs it’s something worth considering and could end up saving you a fair chunk of cash.

Good luck.


I have a number of different mods I keep going with different RDAs, RDTAs and tanks. If you want to control the burn better, I would highly recommend the Thelema mod with the DNA 250c chipset from Lost Vape. I would also recommend to place a Steam Crave Supreme V3 advanced kit tank on top so you can get the dual coil deck with it.

This setup is by far superior in temp control and will give the best puffs for much longer. If you really want to know what your flavors really tastes like, get this setup. The DNA 250c chip blows all others away and you can set your vape and flavor exactly how you like it. There are no limitations with the DNA 250c so you can dial your vape to perfection.