Black Peach Pastry by Purilum

I mixed at 7.5% added a little sweetener 1% but no flavor. Using nic salt for recipe. Any suggestions.


In my experience I get the best results from Purilum flavors from a long steep. For myself not a snv brand.


Thank you I appreciate your input, I’m super new to this but I’m trying to stay as clean a vape as possible. I thought I just didn’t put enough flavoring. I was trying to do a one flavor mix with a little sweetener just to find how each tasted on their own so I could begin to understand how to mix them. I’m salt user so I thought that maybe I didn’t put enough flavoring so today I just mixed as if to reach 15-20% flavoring. Idk maybe a bad move maybe a great one! Anyway please feel free to school me, I’d appreciate that!


I also use salts and I don’t notice any difference in the way flavors taste due to the salts. For sft I generally mix Purilum at 6-8%. They have all needed a steep of several weeks to fully blossom for my tastes.