Black Tea by (TPA), is it "Black", is it a "Tea"!

OK, long story short, I’m a tea addict, and out of this addiction, I purchased the Black Tea by (TPA) which was a true kick to my tongue with its awkwardness and off-note sensation that brings cheap Chinese floral spray with hand-sanitizer right down your throat… Probably I’m wrong, though I’m open to suggestions or recipes that could make sense of this purchase.


It would be helpful to know what percentages you’ve tried it at so far.

Also, have you been mixing it solo or as part of a recipe, or both?

I’m sure there’s a few around who should be able to help (with more input).


No more than 5%, as a single flavor, is my suggestion! It is quite strong, for TFA.


Which TPA Black Tea is it? Black Tea or Black Tea Deluxe?

As others have mentioned, a recipe of how you’re using it would be useful.

Personally I have kept it around 0.5-1.5% in blends but I tend to favour Molinberry and Flavor West teas over TPA’s.