Black Velvet E Liquid - Oklahoma’s Finest

Has anyone ever tried Black Velvet e liquid, particularly Coffee Supreme circa 2013 ?
Looks like the business is OOB and not much info can be found on either the company or the e liquids.

From Black Velvet post on ECF:
We have some amazing special juices like Coffee Supreme, are you tired of Coffee vapes that taste horrible and bitter? Our coffee is complex and creamy with some lovely rich tones.

I’m working on a blind remix of Coffee Supreme and if you ever tried it, I would appreciate if you could give me your thoughts on what it had tasted like to You, particularly did you get any caramel notes in it…


Yes and no. I still have some Black Velvet in my frig but alas, no Coffee Supreme. I have a similar problem with Virgin Vapors Kona Coffee Milkshake. I still have a few mls left and hoping that NF’s Kona Cream is the flavor I need. I feel ya’


Thanks for checking @muth. Yeah, I haven’t got any further with this one….:slightly_frowning_face: