Hi, I am getting blacklisted today as the reason according to the page, it’s due to OpenProxy (?). Well, I use paid service called IVACY VPN from time to time because my country blocked reddit, so while creating my recipes n reading notes from ELR I also do cross check on reddit side for another comment on notes too. This is quite weird, I turned off my VPN and it’s also still blacklisted…

As for scraping it makes no sense to me to do scraping because I just start DIY in 2 to 3 weeks. I just need to check what’s the note on brands flavor before buying, what people do with the ingredients and mix myself according to the percentage but, if that leads to blacklisted due to vpn and 2 to 3 tabs? to be honest it’s quite frustrating… (if i know this would happens i’d better be creating excel sheets for my recipes and read notes on one tab with no VPN, although it’s still inconvenience)

I can’t access my recipes that currently still in test, I can see my recipe list… but the moment I clicked on it I was forced redirected to blacklist notice (this time no VPN). After some reading, I went to DroneBL and try to get unlisted and now it’s still pending for 2 and a half hours. What should I do to get unlisted fast enough? I need to keep on waiting? How long does the process usually take if I try to unlist myself from DroneBL?


@Sprkslfly do you know about this stuff or maybe @daath will have time to look into it?

I wish I could help more than that @midniteJam but hopefully, I got the ball rolling.


Try following the link to Drone BL - it should tell you the reason… If it’s an old entry, the de-listing should be pretty quick, but request de-listing from them and send me an email with your IP-address and I will put you on the temporary whitelist while the listing is removed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tag, @Dan_the_Man :slight_smile:


Thank you!


I’ve submit the de-list process through Drone BL but it’s still in pending status

But thank you for the whitelist, now I can access ELR as usual!


I didn’t actually put you on any whitelist, so Drone BL might have changed the status :slight_smile:


Ah, that might be the case. Well, Thank you anyway.


Welcome and glad you joined.