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Hi I’ve been vaping a little over 2 years , and we’ll let’s ay it’s kind of got to hobby state… I’ve been building coils to an acceptable level for 6 months and mixing one shot concentrates for say 3 months I’m looking to buy flavours and do proper mixing. I can mix by weight or volume. My question is… To select which flavours to buy first am. I best to select recipes I like the sound of and buy these flavours or is there a general rule of thumb as to get first any help appreciated


Welcome! Here is some fantastic info to help get you started.


These 2 brilliant threads from @Scottes777 are definitely worth a read to find an answer to your question

Of course there are a lot of other great threads in the beginners section that are well worth a read


Just a thought… Which One Shots have you enjoyed the best? If they are from DIYorDie/enyawreklaw/Wayne Walker, he posts most of the recipes for his one shots so people can mix them with the individual concentrates. If you already like one or two, you can start there and get the hang of things.

The flavors you’ll buy can be used in other recipes, too.


I would never say what is right. But I was pretty happy when I started diy by getting mostly fa flavors and a handful of flavors from other brands…like cap tpa and inw.

But the important thing to note is that I did a ton of reading. I learned just by reading flavor notes that if I were to buy only one kiwi flavor it would be kiwi fa. And so on.

To that end I don’t think you would go horribly wrong buying a lot of fruits from fa to start with a few supplemental flavors like a strawberry ripe tpa…cream fresh fa, sweet cream flv, marshmallow fa and flv and toasted tpa. Ice cream lb, Vienna cream lb, custard inw, Vc cap, lemonade flv, lemon inw, kiwi inw, and the list goes on.

What do you want to mix? Candy, teas, bakery?


The top 100 can be a good source, but many of those are older recipes. Check the dates if you’re curious. Old doesn’t mean bad, though! There are probably many that stand the test of time.

But, some flavor companies didn’t exist back in 2015/16 or just weren’t common to use. You’ll find lots of INW, FA, TPA and CAP. But, very little FLV, RFSC, VTA, MF, NF, EF, WF and many more that are worth investing.

The forum is a great place to find more modern recipes, and read what the mixer and others think about them.


Here’s a living list to help with all of the abbreviations


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Suggest you stick to single flavors and get to know each before mixing. Might like to read:


Wow I’m gonna thank all that’s taken the time to reply so quickly and informatively I’ve been using chefs flavours jam rollynpolly, Mexican fried ice cream, custards etc and I suppose like lemon meringues /strawberry shortcake from other companies. I have scales bottles nic general mixing stuff (I’m in UK). I’m going to trawl the recipes and re read the info given to me thus far I will keep you all posted