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New Recipe Showcase 2019


Ok let’s kick 2019 off with a brand new recipe showcase.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s new recipes!

New Recipe Showcase 2018

I’ve been mixing for about 9months now, and have uploaded numerous recipes, I wanted to start a new thread to showcase them and try and get some feed back, but decided since this is my first ever post (not really a forum fan tbh) I thought it would be better to just mention it in this thread?

No idea how to link to my recipes, but I’m guessing if you click on my profile you’ll be able to see them?

Note: they are ALL fruits, and are predominantly FA.

My favourite berry mix (very sweet and complex)

Lovely pineapple/grapefruit mix


Exactly what this thread is designed for :+1:

Just copy the link that you find at the bottom of the recipe page and post it into the reply box.


Thanks for the reply…and sorry, I know this isn’t a place I should be asking these sorts of questions…but…lol…the link I posted hasn’t come up on screen as a lovely pretty professional picture, but rather just a boring url clickable link…what am I doing wrong (guessing it’s an iPad thing?


the forum will format it like that or you can click on the blue wrench and post the html text version (must have flash)

New berry mix

Ingredient %
Aurora (FA) 0.50
Blackberry (Mora) (FA) 2.00
Blackcurrant (Ribes) (FA) 3.00
Forest Fruit (Forest Mix) (FA) 2.00
Raspberry (Berryl) (FA) 2.00
Sour Wizard (FA) 0.50
Strawberry (Red Touch) (FA) 2.00
Sucralose 1.50

Flavor total: 13.5%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!


Here is one I just made public… Watching the evolution of this recipe has amazed me. I started this one a few years ago, finalized it in October, and decided to release it today. Hope someone will try it out :blush:



Oh man that looks amazing, going to have to get me some popcorn and granola.


Mixed up this blueberry tobacco for the winter, and turned out pretty good. Thought I’d share it. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2814315/IndigoLeaf


New mixer here, and been at it for about two months. I have what I would consider 2 original/finished recipes:

and 1 finished remix:

Let me know what y’all think!


“Kentucky Caramel Apple”
This is My first post although it is not the first recipe I have made, But first I deemed reviewable. I am new to DIY.
I have invested into more than 100 flavorings, so I am serious about learning the craft. I welcome ALL comments Pro and Con as long as they are honest. I want to learn from this.
Thanks and hopefully enjoy.

A natural tobacco flavor with a a sweet caramel apple finish.


This is my first recipe using Honey Cake (Flavor Revolution). Can’t wait to see how this steeps out. Taste pretty good right after mixing.


I would imagine that many of you, especially if you have been mixing awhile, have several veriations of Starwberry Milkshake, or Strawberry Icecream. Well on Nov. 21, I put together one of the simplest ones I think I’ve made before. 4 flavors. After about three weeks or so, It’s pretty good. I took this one to work with me today, and never got tired of it. The strawberry in it is not dramatic, and made for a good ADV. If you like strawberry milkshake give it a try and tell me what you think.


Somehow missed this one. Just mixed it sans the menthol. Now to wring my hands for 30 days :slight_smile:


Chuck, I encourage you to get some Liquid Barn Vanilla Ice Cream. It was a serious game changer for me and many other folks. I was late to the party but it’s a staple for me now. If you get it, remix with this instead of the TPA. Steep 3 weeks. And I’d recommend 3-3.5% in your mix.


Thanks @SthrnMixer I just added it to my list for next order. I have used Vanilla Bean Gelato for that little extra umph, but its just not the same.


He’s not joking, it is the vanilla ice cream.


You share, I share, we all share! :smile:


I’ll second that!


To be honest I am a big fan of fruit juices, as blueberry, coconut, etc. I usualy dind them on websites like this https://www.migvapor.com/e-juice/fruit-vape-juices/ but for me it is hard to tell which is the best and how to cook it by yourself. Found Strawberry Milkshake very useful and will try to make it on my own.
Can anybody give me a coconut recipe?


This is a nice recipe using fruits like key lime & pineapple along with coconut & creams.