Blenders such a nutribullets for mixing liquids

Has anyone ever tried mixing their diy creations in a food blender?

I’ve got a nutribullet and thinking of doing a 300ml batch in there.

What do you guys think?


My opinion with those things is they probably work really well! But if I was going to use it for EC liquid, I would get a new one and only use it for EC. I am a bad person to ask because I’m a germophobe. My fearful mind would not want my milkshake residue getting in my eliquid or my nicotine getting in my milkshakes :slight_smile:


Yes thanks for that I was thinking about using one new out the box and keeping it just for mixing juice!!

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There are likely many folks here who have used them and will weigh in on their experience as well.

I wonder about the plastic, with some flavors. I have used my immersion blender, it works great. Just have to be careful not to start blending before fully immersed. It did take 2 days for one bottle to unfroth (?Is this a real word?) The rest of the bottles were good to go. I did steep for a couple days after.

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Yes blenders work magic. Lots of fine dining restaurants are now “hyper decanting” wine in a blender.

My wife got me a KitchenAid hand blender/frother/does it all/wats-a-ma-giget. Turned my juice into purple foam. I put it up and let it settle. It’s great! Almost like insta-steep. Not sure if that is applicable, but a very similar process when I think about it.